What is it all about?

by Z. (Olli)

-Hylozoics is the science of the future.
-It is a mental system, containing facts from higher intellects.
-It is for the elite of mankind
-If you have found it, you are, lucky.You are an old initiate or at least an aspirant .

- Look at, very attentively, WofM 1.52.3 and KofL4 1.20, especially 1.21.11.
-"HTL" just moved the pen. Maybe others, at least his secretary, was involved
-Hylozoics is a causal self´s world- and life view

-All guessings about "HTL´s" identity shows immaturity. They are all wrong. Even
photographs are false

-We have got only a tiny bit of esotericism, hylozoics. More is coming.

-If K.H.-Pythagoras would have had free hands, Blavatsky would have written a
preliminary version of it. It was denied.

-Even D.K. couldn't publish it, but gives hints. (Esoteric Psychology I, by Alice Bailey)

-The PhS is a book of aphorisms - it equals to 300 000 pages of standard esoteric text.

-Read it 20 times, +20+, your whole life

-"HTL´s" works are all you need for accepted discipleship, and far beyond.

-D.K. and H. confirmed that the mental system is the hierarchy´s basic view of reality (but nonidentical)

-Even reading "HTL" lifts your consciousness. If you feel joy after reading, you have contacted the causal world. -Never compare the system with the older ones.

-Light Technology is practical hylozoics. By simple techniques you can contact 47:3.( Z.)

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