Introduction to (
Pythagorean) Hylozoics

“If students want to progress so as to eventually arrive at a thorough understanding of hylozoics, it has proved advisable that they first acquaint themselves with the hylozoic system in its basic outlines and master its most important concepts.”  (, Introduction to Hylozoics, 7/27/2014)

Hylozoics, as referred to in the above citation is Pythagorean Hylozoics. However, it is not a system of thought in the usual sense of the word, as you will see as you ponder the questions you encounter in this Minicourse.

It can best be described as a mathematical description of reality; a highly mental approach devoid of the usual terms of spiritual, mystical and other similar expressions usually associated with esoteric subjects.

Pythagoras was interested in examining other esoteric systems of the day in order to develop a system best suited to the Greek (Western) mentality. Therefore, the system he developed was quite different than earlier traditions. As an example, symbolism played no role in his new approach.

Rather, the principles he formulated were based on concepts that facilitated research into the nature of objective reality. Thus the opposition of spirit and matter gave way to the principle of spiritual materialism.

In this formulation spirit and matter were no longer seen as opposites. Instead, spirit became the most refined expression of matter and matter became the densest expression of spirit. Or, put differently, spirit is the consciousness of matter.

If this sounds a little confusing it may very well be. Especially for those for whom esoterics is new. So, if you have not yet developed a strong interest in esoterics and if Pythagorean Hylozoics seems a little daunting, then you may not be quite ready to take on this Minicourse.

However, until you do feel ready, your curiosity may better be served by simply exploring some of the more Exoteric articles offered on this website.

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