Help Others Discover Laurency and
Pythagorean Hylozoics has been created for all new and emerging students of esoteric knowledge as well as those more advanced seekers with a particular interest in Pythagorean Hylozoics (PH) and the work of Henry T. Laurency.

Secondarily, its purpose is to make available a set of seven resources for advanced seekers who have an interest in starting their own local Esoteric Study Group (ESG) and using as an adjunctive resource.

The Seven Adjunctive Resources Available for Your Local ESG

1. An Esoteric Definition

A clear definition of “esoteric” as it relates to Pythagorean Hylozoics is essential as a starting point for all members of your local ESG. 

2. An Esoteric Minicourse

A course of study to help students gain a fundamental understanding of Hylozoics; fundamental principles essential for successful participation in your local ESG.  

3. Pythagorean Hylozoics; and Esoteric Overview…

A basic overview of Hylozoics condensed into 49 points.  An intermediate set of hylozoic principles, concepts and explanations to stimulate your local ESG class discussions.

4. An Esoteric Forum…

The best way for local ESG members to interact and stay connected with other groups and individuals who share an interest in the works of Laurency in particular and PH in general. 

5. Build Your Own Esoteric Website…

A link to the best site building software on the Internet; your group may or may not wish to build its own esoteric website. However, this link will provide you with the best software available for that purpose should you wish to do so.

6. Start Your Own Local Esoteric Study Group…

Use this simple start up model for creating, organizing and maintaining your own local ESG using as an adjunctive resource.

7. National Directory of Esoteric Study Groups maintains a national directory of esoteric study groups so that individuals throughout the country are able to locate the local ESG closest to their geographical location.  In addition, contact and membership information is also included.

Start Your Own Local Esoteric Study Group

This simple three-part organizational model is being offered as a guide for the creation, development and maintenance of a local ESG and contains the following three elements…

1. How to Start Your ESG…

Once you have decided to start your own ESG and have selected a name, go to the ESG directory and follow the instructions on how to register your group ... then return here and continue.

How many members should be in your local ESG?  Dyads (two individuals), triads, (three individuals) and groups (4 to 7 individuals) are most common.  

As few as two individuals (a dyad) can actually start a local ESG.  Membership could then increase from dyad to triad and then to group.  However, a group of seven individuals is about the maximum practical size for a local ESG of this type. 

2. How to Develop Your ESG…

Laurency suggests that a local ESG should first acquaint its members with the basics of Hylozoics.  Meetings should be biweekly with the first seven meetings covering chapter 1.1 in “Knowledge of Reality” and ending with chapters 1.43. 

The above chapters (in their entirety) are contained in Esoteric Law’s seven part minicourse.  Once students sign up for the minicourse (at, each section of the minicourse can then be studied by students between each meeting so that the material can be discussed in the meetings.

From there, the 49 points contained in An Esoteric Overview of Pythagorean Hylozoics can follow the completion of the minicourse and act as the focus of group discussion for some months.  Beyond these 49 points, a veritable lifetime of Pythagorean Hylozoics awaits your local ESG.  Simply click here!

3. How to Maintain Your ESG…

Group cohesion is a function of group unity, purpose, and commitment. Group attendance of course is not!  Our Esoteric Law group has been in existence continuously since 1988.  While it has evolved through the years, its attendance has fluctuated many times between dyad, triad, and Group. 

However, our member’s commitment to personal growth and development has been the unifying principle responsible for our group’s longevity. Over time, this commitment has led to questions of ultimate concern, which in turn have led to esoterics and ultimately to Pythagorean Hylozoics.  As our members developed, they have also evolved!

Fortunately, your group (regardless of its original size) will already be unified by the study of and commitment to Pythagorean Hylozoics. Group attendance may fluctuate for many reasons, none of which necessarily implies disinterest. Remember, esoterics has a way (by its very nature) of promoting group cohesion.

In this regard, it should also be mentioned at this point, that the relationships established in our ESG (because of our shared interest in esoterics) have, over the years, created a bond amongst our members that transcends ordinary friendships. We hope that your local ESG will do the same!

So as not to be discouraged with the current state of human affairs, it is important for seekers contemplating the establishment of their own local ESG to remember that humanity is comprised of five evolving stages of human development containing 777 sub levels.  In addition, it is equally important to remember that according to Pythagorean Hylozoics, about 85% of current humanity has not yet evolved beyond the negative stage of emotional expression (logic, reason, and common sense still operate in the service of our emotions).  

Because of this of this reality, we enthusiastically encourage serious seekers to consider the creation of their own local ESG (supported by the resources of Esoteric Law) as a means of serving humanity; a service that can act as a catalyst for the expansion of consciousness as well as the mitigation of negative emotions through the study of Pythagorean Hylozoics. 

Our Esoteric Law Group would like to thank all serious seekers who are considering creating their own local ESG and supporting our effort to spread the word of Pythagorean Hylozoics.  We look forward to seeing the registration of your local ESG on our new National Directory of Esoteric Study Groups!

Click here to register your local ESG!