“It is a great mission in life to search out your group, help it form itself, establish its goal,
 and try to realize it.” (Henry T Laurency, The Philosopher’s Stone)

The primary goal of Esoteric Law is to contribute to the international awareness, understanding and acceptance of Pythagorean Hylozoics as presented by Henry T. Laurency and translated by Lars Adelskogh.

In furtherance of this goal, Esoteric Law Has created a “Website Improvement Survey (WIS)”. The WIS is organized into three parts. Part One is entitled “Proposals”, Part Two is entitled “Evaluations” and Part Three is entitled (Results). These three parts are outlined below…

Part One (Proposals)
Part one is an invitation for members of our community of truth seekers to submit proposals for improvements that they believe can help contribute to the ultimate goal of Esoteric Law (as stated above). In addition, participation in this kind of “group work” facilitates consciousness expansion.

Submitting Proposals is easy! Simply “Name Your Proposal” in the block provided below. Then click where it says, “complete your submission”. That’s it! Please feel free to submit any suggestion that you think will improve Your participation will be greatly appreciated. Only feedback from our readers can help us improve this website

Part Two (Evaluations)
Part two is for those who only wish to evaluate and rate the proposals submitted by others. Reader evaluations are essential in determining demand so that can continually provide website content that progressively leads to greater interest and participation.

Evaluating Proposals is easy! Simply click on the most recent proposal, read it over and rate it from one to five stars. Your rating will be tabulated along with all other ratings received. This will help us determine the degree of interest for that proposal. We thank you for your participation in this program!

Part Three (Results)
Since evaluations are posted at the end of each proposal, the results of the survey can be easily accessed. However, it should be remembered that a proposal may or may not be accepted by Esoteric Law. Several factors will determine which proposals will be accepted. Among these determinants will be popularity of the proposal, conformity to primary website goal as well as the complexity of the implementation.

Since the WIS is new to Esoteric Law we have no way of knowing whether or not this approach will be popular with our readers and contribute to the attainment of our ultimate goal. Therefore, we would like to hear comments from our readers through the medium of our forum. This feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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