Starting over (before starting over)

by Z.

I.27 in the KofR: After ca 25 years from the first reading, i got a deeper insight in this chapter. -I "saw"it as geometrical figure, resembling a hexagram.
The "philosophy" chapter, 71 pages in the Finnish translation, is very important. Read it, and there is all one has to know of modern European history of exophilosophy. Prof. Karl Hedvall in Uppsala said to new students: "Here we do not quote, here we think by ourselves." -It is sad that he wrote such little, his teachings were seminars, but they are not recorded! But his axiom is great. I´ve seen some of his original writings at the Uppsala university. He passed away early, being ca 50. This genius teared apart most modern European philosophers. Even in Schopenhauer´s philosophy he found 8 contradictions. HTL says: "If he had lived longer, he would have torn Kant into pieces."
The Yoga part is essential too, if one doesn't know the difference of Yoga and esotericism, stick to something else than hylozoics.
Lars A. studied 1.1-1.41 for 2-3 years before going on!!
If one don´t get the basic concepts, all goes wrong (like if one said: 2+2=6)
This is just a tiny part of hylozoics, that we have got!

No-one has tried to show hylozoics false. It is impossible, because it is superhuman work.

Adyar had no competent person to even evaluate hylozoics.

Hylozoism is a wrong word. The editors of the "Theosophical Glossary" didn´t accept my suggestion to correct the term. Even DK uses the word "hylozoism", he should know better as K.H. is his teacher!!

The KofR is a book not for sale and not for the immature. They have their kvasi and should stick to it. (Sad because all kvasi opposes hierarchical knowledge and are full of b. magicians).

Steiner didn´t that one can´t certain one´s own "clairvoyance". Besant kicked the man out. Z.

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