My intro to Hylozoics, thank you

by Anissa

I had recently finished reading the Knowledge of Reality and am happy I signed up for this mini-course. There are those of us who have been on a lifelong journey to understand the true nature of reality, not satisfied with the explanations presented by religion, science and philosophy, whether those explanations be temporary or absolute. Admittedly, there is subject matter that flew over my head, even reading over the text several times I am unsure how much I truly understand (e.g. the differences between the 1-49 worlds, how it all functions together). However, there are some hard-hitting axioms and facts that blew me away upon reflection. The final section about Yoga, right down to the last page, was especially insightful. The timing of this couldn't have been better and has already helped me with dealing with emotional struggles as of late. For anyone who may also be new to Hylozoics, I suggest keeping an open mind because modern education is not likely to have introduced you to anything like what is written here. My intention is to go back and attempt to draw out a visual/spatial representation of the text's teachings. Words can only take us so far in our understanding of life and the world.

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Dec 28, 2020

by: Sam

I can appreciate the impact hylozoics can have on someone and the sense that one has struck upon something substantial. I encourage to continue your studies and let the subconscious do its work.

There are a few of us that are working on a visual representation of the hylozoic ideas.

All the best.


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