What is "Involvation?

by Dick

In reading Laurency and I keep running into the term “Involvation”. At first, I misread it as “involution”. Now I’m confused! I know they are two separate words but what does each one means and what is the difference between them? Any help out there? Anyone…

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Dec 28, 2015
RE: What is "Involvation"?
by: Johan

Dear all,

To Fr. E.S.Q.S. explanation I would like to ad some shorter notes that may or may not expand the understanding.

Before the primordial atom can become a monad in a triad, it has experienced three total involvatory and evolvatory processes. In the first process it is part of rotatory matter; in the second process, of involutionary matter; in the third process, it has been part of various kinds of aggregates or triads as a free evolutionary atom; finally to become, in the fourth process, a monad in a triad. Thereby it has got the prerequisite of being objectively self-conscious in triads as well as activating them and, through them, all kinds of matter to which it will successively belong. (The Philosopher´s Stone 2.16.4)

Primary matter is rotatory matter. The atom rotates round its axis with enormous rapidity. To this motion is added, through the process of involution, a cyclic spiral motion (which the ancients called the elemental essence), in which the atom revolves round a central, focal point in a constantly ascending spiral. (The Philosopher´s Stone 2.9.4)

In esoteric terminology the terms "involvation" and "evolvation" are used in respect of incarnation as well. The causal envelope is involved into envelopes of the matter of lower worlds, and the liberation from those envelopes is called "evolvation".

I hope this will contribute to a better understanding.

Best regards

/ Johan

Dec 22, 2015
RE: Thanks Fr. E.S.Q.S.
by: Fr. E.S.Q.S.

You are very much welcome. That being said, when reading my responses, please do take into careful consideration that my comprehension and/or understanding of such matters is not altogether perfect. Though it is certainly true that I have been studying these matters for a number of years now, I am still - very much - in the process of learning. I am more than willing to share what I have comprehended and/or understood of such matters - but I am undoubtedly wrong in some cases.

On the matter of your paraphrasing: yes, I think that you have got the gist of it. For further comprehension and/or understanding, I would suggest that you return to the works of HTL. Read the sections on Cosmogenesis carefully. Read them again and again. Try to visualize the processes - what would involvation look like, do you suppose? What would evolvation look like? Can you imagine them operating simultaneously? It's not so much important that you see how the cosmos is - actually - generated, because - as a human being - you cannot; rather, it is important that you can turn the concepts into personal symbols you can use to comprehend and/or understand further processes of Cosmogenesis. For example, in studying the matter of Cosmogenesis myself, I have found it helpful to try and draw personal symbols and diagrams representing the various processes.

Another thing that can be helpful is finding analogies between things; however, that is easier when you have been studying these matters for some time. For example, the relationship between primordial matter, primordial motion, and the primordial atom is analogous to the relationship between the Mother, the Father, and the Son respectively: the primordial atom - the monad - is the product of the interplay of primordial matter and primordial motion, in much the same way that the Son is the product of the interplay between the Mother and the Father. So on, so forth.

I suspect that I have said enough here. Hopefully, I am not over the character limit.

Thanks for your time,


Fr. E.S.Q.S.

Dec 21, 2015
Thanks Fr. E.S.Q.S.
by: Dick

Thanks Fr. E.S.Q.S.

for your heroic efforts in attempting to rescue me from my own ignorance! It would seem that (in light of the profundity of your comments) my understanding of Pythagorean Hylozoics is minuscule to say the least. However, let me take a stab at paraphrasing how I understand your highly impressive and detailed answer.

To oversimplify, here is what I understand from your comments: the process of involvation is paralleled by the process of evolvation of matter. In other words, involvation is the descent of matter into lower worlds and evolvation is the ascent of matter into higher worlds.

Involution on the other hand only occurs at the solar systemic level (43–49) but is otherwise similar to involvation in that it represents an analogous number of involvations and levels of consciousness activation. In other words, involution is an increasingly complex aggregation of atoms and molecules that awaken the passive consciousness of the primordial atoms. In contradistinction, the process of evolution arouses the active consciousness of the primordial atoms.

Actually, I think I still have to ponder your words a bit longer. I’m not so sure I have it quite right yet but kudos to you Fr. E.S.Q.S. for your sincere effort on my behalf. It is greatly appreciated!

All the Best,

Dec 19, 2015
RE: What is "Involvation"?
by: Fr. E.S.Q.S.

Seeing as there is a character limit, I will try my best to keep this response short:

I will do my best to explain; however, please do keep in mind that I may make a trifling mistake here and there. It is not always so easy to explain technical matters, not least of all when there are just so many minute details.

Involvation is that process in which primordial atoms (1) are combined to form the cosmic atomic kinds (2-49) and their respective worlds. Primordial atoms (1) combine to make cosmic atomic kind 2, cosmic atomic kinds 2 combine to make cosmic atomic kind 3 - so on and so forth, until we have cosmic atomic kind 49.

Evolvation is the process in which the cosmic atomic kinds (2-49) dissolve, yielding primordial atoms (1). This process starts with cosmic atomic kind 49, which dissolves into a number of cosmic atomic kinds 48, which dissolves into a number of atomic kinds 47 - so on and so forth, until we have primordial atoms (1).

Involvation and Evolvation are two sides of the same coin: the one is a process of coagulating matter, whereas the other is a process of dissolving matter. This process of coagulation and dissolution is constant and, so, there is a steady stream of primordial atoms (1) flowing through the whole of the cosmos, going round the wheel of involvation and evolvation. This process happens more than once, actually. It is the process of involvation and evolvation that rouses the potential consciousness of the primordial atoms (1). Without the continuous processes of involvation and evolvation, the cosmos would ultimately degenerate.

Involution, as a process, is similar to involvation save that:

A). Involution is a secondary process of involvation that occurs only in the solar systems, from worlds 43-49
B). Involution produces involutionary matter in the solar systems - secondary and tertiary matter (indicating the number of involvations and level of conscious activation), which exhibit a tendency to form complex aggregates or collections of atoms and molecules held together electromagnetically with lightning fast rapidity at the least conscious expression of the more advanced, evolutionary primordial atoms (1) which make up quaternary matter.

NOTE: Involutionary matter is only found in the solar systems, as the high density of matter in the solar systems requires specialized and complex organs of apprehension and expression. At least, that is what I have read.

A few more points to consider:

The processes of involvation and evolvation rouses the potential consciousness of the primordial atoms (1).
The process of involution rouses the passive consciousness of the primordial atoms (1).
The process of evolution rouses the active consciousness of the primordial atoms (1).

Roughly speaking, of course. Feel free to ask more questions if something is not quite clear to you.

Thanks for your time,


Fr. E.S.Q.S.

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