Unity and the Planetary Collective Consciousness: PART I.

by Fr. E.S.Q.S.


As had been observed previously, the planet, itself, is also as one great being: it has a form (matter), a kind of (collective) consciousness distinct to it, and a will (motion). All life on the planet, from the very greatest to the very least, in all the five natural kingdoms, are part-and-parcel of the planetary collective consciousness. The following article, then, serves as a meditation examining the various types and kinds of consciousness – in accord with Esoterics and especially Pythagorean Hylozoics a la HTL and LA – that goes to make up the planetary collective consciousness.

NOTE: This meditation is by no means infallible. I have undoubtedly made mistakes and/or left important things unsaid. Please bear that in mind when reading. I am not perfect in my treatments of things. These are my meditations for what they are worth.

Material Worlds

First and foremost, let it be reiterated that the planetary collective consciousness is primary. The unity of consciousness is primary. All divisions discussed hereafter are always secondary. With that said, it is time to begin examining some of the first major divisions of the planetary collective consciousness: the planetary world consciousnesses. According to Esoterics – and especially Pythagorean Hylozoics a la HTL and LA – the planet is composed of a series of material worlds as follows:

• Planetary world 46 (atomic kind 46:1 and molecular kinds 46:2-7) – the essential world
• Planetary world 47 (atomic kind 47:1 and molecular kinds 47:2-7) - the causal (47:1-3) and mental (47:4-7) world
• Planetary world 48 (atomic kind 48:1 and molecular kinds 48:2-7) – the emotional world
• Planetary world 49 (atomic kind 49:1 and molecular kinds 49:2-7) – the physical-etheric (49:1-4) and gross physical (49:5-7) world

Each of these material worlds (forms, matters) also corresponds to a type and kind of consciousness as follows:

• Planetary world 46 – essential consciousness
• Planetary world 47 – causal (47:1-3) and mental (47:4-7) consciousness
• Planetary world 48 – emotional consciousness
• Planetary world 49 – physical-etheric (49:1-4) and gross physical (49:5-7) consciousness

As such, according to our charts here, the “highest” world of the planet is world 46: the essential world. What this means, in a sense, is that – in certain essential respects – essential consciousness is the planetary collective consciousness in that it contains all the other lower types and kinds of consciousness as well. All life on the planet has a share in this collective consciousness. All consciousness on the planet is part-and-parcel of essential consciousness, is contained in essential consciousness. This world, world 46 and its consciousness had long since been called, “the soul of the world” or, “the ‘anima mundi’”. Nothing on the planet is excluded from this great “soul”, this great life. More on this world later.

The second “highest” world of the planet is world 47: the causal-mental world. A few important (possible) sub-divisions of this world include:

• 47:1-3 – the causal world – the world of reality ideas (see Plato)
• 47:4,5 – the higher mental world – both higher and lower: the world of fictions
• 47:6,7 – the lower mental world

Keeping in mind the fact that worlds, forms, and matters correspond with types and kinds of consciousness, then we also have the following divisions:

• 47:1-3 – causal consciousness – the consciousness of reality ideas
• 47:4,5 – higher mental consciousness – both higher and lower: the consciousness of fictions
• 47:6,7 – lower mental consciousness

These worlds are the “highest” worlds of man. It is the goal of man (or at least one of them, anyways) to activate his as-of-yet passive causal consciousness (47:1-3), to become a fully functioning causal-self. His proper domain prior to achieving this goal is to be a mental-self (an evolutionary monad seated in the mental molecule – 47:4 - of his first triad); however, men as-of-yet rarely are such ones. Nearly 90% of men are still emotional-selves (an evolutionary monad seated in the emotional atom – 48:1 – of their first triad) and are hardly active in the higher mental kinds (47:4,5), the more precise and realistic mental kinds, and only exceptionally in 47:6 (i.e.: such men as have become philosophers and scientists). The essential world, essential consciousness, is the end-goal of the human kingdom for, in achieving that, man is no longer man – he has become super-human. Much more can be said on this; however, it will have to wait for the time being.

The third “highest” world of the planet is world 48: the emotional world. A common sub-division is as follows:

• 48:1-3 – the higher emotional world
• 48:4-7 – the lower emotional world

Once more, in keeping with correspondences between matter and consciousness:

• 48:1-3 – higher emotional consciousness; can be summed up as expressions of “love”
• 48:4-7 – lower emotional consciousness; can be summed up as expressions of hate

Though these worlds are not the “highest” worlds of man, they are incredibly important at this particular juncture. In the first case, most men are still emotional-selves and, so, the emotional world(s) and its types and kinds of consciousness are significant factors in the world today. Though the emotional world(s) and its types and kinds of consciousness are properly the domain of the third natural kingdom – the animal kingdom – men are still behaving very much like animals, even though they have the potential to behave like human beings (i.e.: they have the potential to develop fairly extensive powers for reasoning; also, for developing self-consciousness – whether or not they choose to activate this potential is the real question). Men, at this juncture, hardly think. They feel far more than they think. What little thinking that they do is often motivated by intense feeling, and is colored by this intense feeling. As such, one of the most important tasks at this particular juncture is to deliberately cultivate noble feelings - a noble character - and to work from proper motives. We need to cultivate “love”. We need to combat hatred – and that starts by combating hatred in ourselves. Mind unity! Mind community! Make love your motive!

Another thing: we need to learn to get hold of our emotions. We need to learn self-control. When our desires run rampant, we suffer. When we suffer, we are miserable. When we are miserable, we make others miserable. We poison the world around us by our lowly thoughts and feelings. We strangle all possibility of success: joy, happiness, and peace. To do this, we need to apply our reason (our mind, our mentality) to our emotions. We need to carefully examine and assess them. Most of them are insensible; however, it is only by deliberately – and with effort - stopping the mechanical behavior, catching ourselves in a pattern, and examining these patterns that we can finally come to the conclusion that they are insensible. Examine the great glamours (i.e.: illusions) of wealth, glory, and power! See how they bind you! It is not possible to grow (properly) when you are enthralled by such delusions! Probably this matter could be better addressed in a separate paper. In summation:

• Cultivate noble feelings – a noble character.
• Learn self-control – apply reason to the emotions (and especially to desires), examine and assess them. If they prove to be insensible then discard them at once.

The final world of the planet is world 49: the physical world. An important sub-division of this world is as follows:

• 49:1-4 – the physical-etheric world
• 49:5-7 – the dense, physical world

Of these two physical worlds, the first – the physical-etheric world (49:1-4) – is far more important, serving as the foundation or pattern for the dense, physical world (49:5-7).


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Apr 25, 2017
Reply to Anonymous...
by: Anonymous

A few words to ANONYMOUS:
I would implore you to bear in mind the fact that the purpose of that article ("Unity and the Planetary Collective Consciousness", both PART I. and PART II.) is to reflect upon the nature of the planetary collective consciousness and man's place in it, and not so much to explain the planetary and/or systemic schema (i.e.: the globe system). Though I must touch upon the material worlds of the planet (i.e.: the "planetary worlds", worlds 46-49) in passing, I am neglecting to explain a great many others details in the article - partly because I don't really have the space to elucidate all the pertaining details in a 3 page article, partly because the details are exceedingly complex (even for me), and partly because - seen from the conscious aspect - the divisions are not nearly as important as the overall unity of consciousness, which is what I am stressing throughout. As such, please take care: it is - by no means - a complete and accurate picture. It is, undoubtedly, full of mistakes. A grain of salt, brother. I am probably wrong on many counts.

That being said, if there is interest for it, I would be more than willing to write a separate article or series of articles addressing those matters - specifically - in the (near) future. Granted, it will probably take some time before I can write on the matter, seeing as I have a lot to learn about it first. I will have to make a separate and quite rigorous study of the related materials (concerning Esoteric Cosmology), beforehand. Let's see if I can even grasp the basics of that schema (i.e.: the globe system as mentioned in PS2 a la HTL and previously by HPB, AWB, CWL, compiled by AEP) before I even begin setting anything down to paper. Please, if you are interested, show your interest by commenting. After all, if a sufficient number of people comment, then - clearly - there is a demand for elucidation.

Thanks for your time,


Fr. E.S.Q.S.

Apr 25, 2017
A sigh of relief
by: Anonymous

Hello Fr. E.S.Q.S,
Thank you for your for your presentation on Unity and the Planetary Collective Consciousness. I've been struggling trying to develop a more integrated mental picture of the Planetary worlds. Your work helps me greatly. Thank you.

Apr 24, 2017
Another valued contribution from Fr. E.S.Q.S.
by: JR @ Esoteric Law

To our readers... As DK would Say "Ponder On This"!

Thanks Fr. E.S.Q.S.

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