Two Fundamentals Laws of Esoterics PART I, Sec. I.: The Law of Rebirth

by Fr. E.S.Q.S.


Before it is ever deemed possible to teach anyone anything about Esoterics - and especially Pythagorean Hylozoics - it is always wise to consider as per whether or not the prospective student has any knowledge of the two fundamental laws of Esoterics – namely, the law of rebirth (i.e.: reincarnation) and the law of sow and reaping (i.e.: karma). Without an understanding of at least these two fundamental laws, their prospects are not very good; after all, how can a teacher encourage a student to cultivate their consciousness when they think that they only have a mere 70 years or so to do it? How can a teacher encourage a student to follow the laws if they think that they will not suffer the consequences when they do not? The teacher should not have to convince the student about these two laws; rather, they ought to be considered reasonable, from the very beginning of any esoteric teaching. If any man has even a shred of common sense, he will see that the growth and development of consciousness cannot possibly be concluded in one life alone; likewise, as a man begins to see the fundamental unity of all life, he will easily conclude the reality of unerring justice. What follows, then, is a short article – a meditation - addressing the first of these two fundamental laws of Esoterics – the law of rebirth.

NOTE: Please bear in mind that I am not perfect in my formulation. I have undoubtedly made many mistakes throughout. If something I say happens to war against Pythagorean Hylozoics a la HTL and LA, please disregard what I say. I am no infallible authority. In other words, please, take care to think for yourself.

NOTE: This meditation presupposes that you are at least somewhat familiar with the new esoteric numeric nomenclature introduced by HTL. If you are not familiar with this, then you will probably experience some difficulties in reading this material.

Facts and Myths

Probably some people reading this are not so sure about the law of rebirth. Probably some people reading this find it more acceptable that the self is annihilated at death, or that the self goes on to live – for all eternity, even – in some paradise of their own design. There are, of course, a few problems with these views. In the first case, annihilation of the self is a rather silly concept in that – for a total annihilation of the self – then even the cosmos must be annihilated, for we are a part of the cosmos. We cannot possibly be treated as being separate from it; likewise, the notion of an annihilation of the self is really based on little more than the death of the organism. What of the man? Surely, there is more to man than this prison of flesh? Yes, yes – the body “dies”, but what of it? Why does the man die, also? Then they might say, “Because man is the body” or “Because the self is in the brain”. All of that is pure physicalist hogwash. When one is eventually able to consciously leave the physical-etheric envelope (49:2-4) and its organism (49:5-7) behind and operate in the emotional envelope (48:2-7), and/or when one can see the emotional world (at least 48:4-7), then physicalist dogmas begin to reveal themselves to be quite useless as explanatory models – for anything. They may call it all “fantasy” and “delusion”, but that does not change facts, in any case. When once we can see that there is a super-physical reality, that there are super-physical kinds of matter, it only makes sense that there are also super-physical kinds of bodies or forms. The reports of auras is actually a testament to that fact. Thus, is it not more probable, that the man lives on in a higher body or form at least for some time? We will come back to this.

In the second case, we have those who believe in an eternal here-after. Generally, this is a religious view, seeing as most non-religious views do not support such a notion. Actually, they cannot, for an eternal here-after wars against common sense: a perfect, eternal here-after implies also an end to the growth and development of consciousness. Where religion is concerned, the only thing that matters is getting into this “paradise” – and you do that by kowtowing to living theologians and their views, apparently.


A fairly common mistaken view is that of the law of rebirth being some sort of arbitrary metempsychosis: the idea that a man can be reborn as an animal, plant, or even a mineral with no rhyme or reason. According to Esoterics – and especially Pythagorean Hylozoics – this view is absurd; after all, the growth and development of consciousness goes on in and through matter (forms) and, so, consciousness requires specific types and kinds of matter (forms) to develop. The consciousness there is in a man cannot exist in an animal, much less a plant or a mineral. The law of rebirth operates within the bounds of each natural kingdom; thus, a man is always reincarnated as a man – an animal as an animal, a plant as a plant, and a mineral as a mineral until such a time as that individual has passed to a higher kingdom.

An Esoteric View

According to Esoterics – and especially Pythagorean Hylozoics – the reality of the matter is this: one life is simply not enough. The growth and development of consciousness is a slow process that goes on in stages; goes on from ignorance to omniscience, from impotence to omnipotence, from unconsciousness to full subjective and objective self-consciousness and group consciousness in all worlds (1-49; also, 43:1-49:7). In the fourth natural kingdom – the human kingdom – there are a total of 5 stages composed of 777 levels, alone:

1. The stage of the barbarism, 400 levels
2. The stage of the civilization, 200 levels
3. The stage of the culture, 100 levels
4. The stage of the humanity, 70 levels
5. The stage of ideality, 7 levels

If we work really hard at the growth and development of consciousness during life, we might move up a level. Perhaps this gives even some indication of just how much work actually goes into it. Where many people are concerned, they may have to live hundreds and thousands of lives at some one level (“level”, mind you – not “stage”) before finally moving on.

Probably we will need to explain just what is reincarnating. If both the physicalist views and the religious views are wrong – being ultimately insupportable by our good reason – then what explanation shall we turn to? According to Esoterics – and especially Pythagorean Hylozoics – this problem is answered when once we finally begin to grasp the esoteric constitution of man – a constitution that is far more complex and involved than even the most daring of scientists could ever have imagined. Thus, to explain the matter, we will need a few facts.

The Esoteric Constitution of Man

The esoteric constitution of man is as follows (starting with the most obvious):

1. A dense, physical organism (49:5-7)
2. A finer, physical-etheric envelope (49:2-4)
3. A finer, emotional envelope (48:2-7)
4. A finer, mental envelope (47:4-7)
5. A finer, causal envelope (47:1-3)

We will start by examining these, the envelopes of man. The most obvious of these envelopes is the dense, physical organism. The reason that this is the most obvious is due to the fact that we are all objectively conscious in the physical molecular kinds 49:5-7 and are able to objectively perceive the dense, physical organism. Less obvious is the physical-etheric envelope, composed of the physical molecular kinds 49:2-4, which surrounds and interpenetrates the dense, physical organism. In most cases, we are not objectively aware of it. We are mostly just subjectively aware of it as in the sense of vitality or weakness. Following this is the emotional envelope, consisting of emotional molecular kinds 48:2-7, belonging to the emotional world of the planet. These types and kinds of matter correspond to our emotions, to emotional consciousness, emotional energies. Beyond even this is the mental envelope, consisting of mental molecular kinds 47:4-7, belonging to the mental world of the planet. These types and kinds of matter correspond to our thoughts, to mental consciousness, mental energies. Finally, we have the causal envelope, consisting of causal matter 47:1-3 – both causal molecular matter and causal atomic matter, belonging to the causal world of the planet. These types and kinds of matter correspond to causal intuitions and serves as the root of our self-consciousness as man; also, causal energies.

The final envelope, the causal envelope (47:1-3) is man’s only permanent envelope. The other four envelopes dissolve at the end of every incarnation in the proper order. These four envelopes (of incarnation) make up what is man’s personality in life; thus, a man’s personality is always an incomplete representation of his true Self. The causal envelope does not dissolve and it is here that “man” is to be found, the true Self is to be discovered. In old religious parlance, the causal envelope was known as man’s (undying) “soul”. Many occultists and mystics are under the false impression that man’s emotional envelope (48:2-7) is his “soul”; however, they are quite mistaken. Their mistake is understandable, of course, for they – in many cases – have personally experienced a projection of this “soul” of theirs and have been utterly convinced of its reality; they have experienced that consciousness is still very much alive outside of the dense, physical organism (49:5-7). The causal envelope (47:1-3), they know nothing about.

TBC in PART I., Sec. II.

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Apr 06, 2017
An absolute prerequisite for seekers!
by: JR @ Esoteric Law

Without an understanding and acceptance of the law of rebirth and the law of consequences, Pythagorean Hylozoics would make no rational sense to anyone hoping to find an explanation of reality beyond that posited by science, philosophy and religion.


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