Thinking on Esoterics

by Fr. E.S.Q.S.

Admittedly, I had said it before, but I really do think that it is a wise thing to repeat myself here and now: if you wish to profit by your studies in Esoterics, by your studies in Pythagorean Hylozoics, then you really must engage the material. You must think! Think on Esoterics! Apply what you have learned. Examine the world and see how it all fits. Think, “And what does Esoterics say about this?” Observe! Experiment! Ask questions! But you really must engage the material. As a theoretical model alone, it is practically useless. There are far too many people who study it (once) and then are done with it. They settle down into their favorite armchair by the fireplace and think, “Well – now I know!” But that sort of superficial treatment is not enough. That is not “knowing”, that is believing. That is having faith. That is being satisfied with a superficial grasp of the matter; more than this, soon enough, you will lose it. When your mental envelope (47:4-7) dissolves, all of it will disappear: you will forget it all – unless you had worked upon it. Then, and only then, will it have made a lasting impression on your subconscious. Then, and only then, will you reap the benefits of remembrance anew. But you must put in work.

LA has provided students with a number of useful questions. They are available on his websites. Use them. But more than that, you should be learning to think esoterically. You should be learning to see the world through an esoteric lens, through the lens of the hylozoic worldview and lifeview. That is its purpose. If it is just a nice idea, sitting in the back of your mind – a mental toy you play with on occasion, then you really are not profiting by it as much as you could. Think! By god, think! Look around you: the world is nothing but unsolved problems – and you, oh student, have been provided a most useful thing: they key to understanding nature, itself. And, so, what are you waiting for? Make haste. Do not tarry. The world is in need of good men, of thinking men – men who can think in accord with reality. There are problems galore in every field of human endeavor – and Esoterics provides valuable insights into all of them. There are problems in philosophy, psychology, religion, and politics; problems in art and culture. Those who have studied Esoterics know something that others do not: they have insights that others cannot have – and that indicates a greater responsibility. The study of Esoterics should lead to a life of service, a life of activity.

It is said that the study of Pythagorean Hylozoics helps to activate the higher mental consciousness (47:4,5). That much is certainly true, as far as I have seen it – insofar as you understand what it means by, “Helps to activate”. If you think that merely reading the content is enough, then you are fooling yourself. Once more: you must engage with the material. You must work upon it, mentally. You must think! You must actively think! That is the only way you will activate the higher mental consciousness (47:4,5). That kind of consciousness can only be intentional. It can never be mechanical like the lower mental consciousness (47:6,7); “thinking” under emotional duress. All of you who are reading this article, all of your who have been studying hylozoics and Esoterics in general, have an opportunity before you. It is an opportunity that you really do not want to squander. There are consequences for doing so – not least of all losing the opportunity to carry on with this work in future lives.

What are you waiting for – an invitation from a Master? Get
thinking! Do it now!

Thanks for your time,


Fr. E.S.Q.S.

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Dec 07, 2018

by: Sam

Thanks for your contribution

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