The Power of Prediction

by Fr. E.S.Q.S.


In thinking about science lately – and especially how science deprecates things it does not properly understand – I had given some thought to the matter of the power of prediction; also, divination, precognition, prescience, or whatever other name we choose to call it. Of course, scientists and the like-minded declare that prediction is not quite the same as, say, divination or precognition; however, when we really understand what is happening in them – as in we understand the esoteric foundation – we find that they are exactly the same. As such, let’s begin this short meditation with some standard definitions.

Defining our Terms

• “Prediction”: a thing predicted; a forecast (also forecast, prophecy, prognosis, prognostication, augury, etc.,)
• “Divination”: the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.
• “Precognition”: foreknowledge of an event, especially foreknowledge of a paranormal kind.
• “Prescience”: the fact of knowing something before it takes place; foreknowledge.

Notice a pattern here? All of the terms are concerned with knowing something before it happens; all of them are about prediction. The difference isn’t in what they are concerned with; rather, the difference is in the methods and sources used in particular cases. When scientists are saying that prediction isn’t the same as, say, divination, what they mean to say is that:

A). (scientific) Prediction doesn’t claim to be infallible.
B). (scientific) Prediction doesn’t rely on supernatural or paranormal sources of information.

Once more, the difference is in the methods and the sources used in particular cases. Prediction is real. We use it every day. Foreknowledge is not some secret magical power that only yogis hidden in mountain side caves can develop. Anyone can develop it. The first step is to understand it properly.

Prediction sans Mysticism

Prediction, sans mysticism, is the ability to assess the probable likeliness of future outcomes based upon an analysis of past and present causal factors. The greater our awareness of past and present causal factors, the greater our accuracy will be – even to such a degree that the prediction seems eerily accurate; as if we had just known it to be true all along. In some cases, it is even possible to be 99.99% sure of a future outcome due to a collusion of causal factors in the present. None of this is mystical, none of this is a secret magical power; however, it probably seems like one to people who do not understand how it works.

Thus, the key ingredient is an awareness of past and present causal factors; an ability to assess what is coming into play. The more accurate this assessment is, the more accurate our predictions are. This is why weather forecasting is so hopeless: scientists – climatologists - are not even close to being able to assess all past and present causal factors in the matter of climatology. It really is more like guessing with the help of technological toys. This isn’t to say that they cannot guess correctly sometimes, or can be relatively close on occasion, but it is not the same as knowing – with 99.99% certainty – that something will happen; likewise, the further they forecast into the future, the less likely their predictions become. Everyone has experienced this. A favorite example of mine - of how scientific prediction often falls flat on its face - is when the weather forecast – from the same city, mind you - said that it was currently sunny when, in fact, we were in the middle of a severe thunderstorm with torrential downpour, lightning strikes, gusting winds, and golf-ball size hail! Probably they were broadcasting from inside a solid, windowless block!

Where the Scientists Go Wrong

The scientists go wrong when they begin to talk against “supernatural” or “paranormal” sources of information. In the first case, the words, “Supernatural” and “Paranormal” are misnomers. There is no such thing as supernatural or paranormal (above natural or alongside normal). Everything is natural, everything is normal. These words are used to discredit alternative positions and serve no other purpose besides. It really is the same thing as calling divination, “Hocus-pocus”.

For man to predict accurately, he must have facts; he must have a knowledge of reality. The more facts he has, the greater his knowledge of reality, the greater his ability to think and analyze, the greater his awareness of past and present causal factors, the more accurate his predictions will be. Man has two such sources of facts:

1. The gross physical world (49:5-7)
2. The causal world (47:1-3)

In the first case, man is severely limited. That knowledge is hardly enough to predict anything. Proof is in most scientific predictions, in scientific hypotheses. They are constantly changing because they are always being proven wrong. What facts scientists have are not facts concerning causes; rather, they are facts concerning effects in the gross physical world (49:5-7). In the second case, most men do not have access to such a source of information as the causal world (47:1-3). Thus, we end up in a bit of a jam: how can the power of prediction develop? Well, we can go with the hypothesis method of science – or we can start studying Esoterics – and especially Pythagorean Hylozoics a la HTL and LA; we can try to think better, to think clearer, and to think with a wider perspective and in accord with a system. We can strive for causal consciousness (47:1-3). Esoterics provides man with a number of super-physical facts necessary to understanding the effects produced in the gross physical world (49:5-7).

The causes that man must learn to consider in making right predictions are super-physical causes. Either man must become a causal self (centered in 47:1) or, in the mean-time, man must study Esoterics, must study Pythagorean Hylozoics, to become increasingly aware of the past and present factors; man must practice thinking – analyzing – with Esoterics as a foundation. With time, with continued practice in thinking – in analyzing – a man is capable of increasingly accurate predictions. The more he learns, the more he grasps the facts and factors involved, the wider his perspective becomes, the more he can see coming on the horizon. The future unfurls like a design before his mind. It is not set in stone; rather, it is like a plan that has yet to be realized. Here and there, he sees what is more likely and what is less likely given past and present causal factors (those of which he is in any way knowledgeable of). Some “realities” seem more likely, more probable; other “realities” seem less likely, less probable. Of course, it is a prediction and, so, it is not knowledge per se. Whether or not something will happen in the future depends on the collusion of causal factors.

What about Clairvoyance?

Thus, probably a question on some peoples mind is, “What about clairvoyance?” That had not been mentioned above as a valid source of information seeing as, according to Esoterics, according to esoteric facts concerning the emotional world (world 48) – its matter and consciousness – this is an unreliable source of information. The emotional world (world 48) is the world of desire, thus the world of illusion and delusion. Whatever you want to see, you see; however, that doesn’t make what you see true. The matter of that world is highly impressionable and changes with lightning rapidity to resemble whatever one is thinking/feeling; you are shown whatever you desire. The power of prediction is hampered by emotional illusions and delusions because the power of prediction concerns facts, concerns knowledge of reality. The emotional world (world 48) is the world of unbridled imagination and, so, is no valid source of super-physical facts. This probably explains why most clairvoyants and the like are terrible at predicting things. They have discredited the whole idea of the power of prediction (based upon super-physical facts) with their laughable predictions.

The Chess Player: A Perfect Example

A perfect example of how prediction works is in the chess player. The more he knows about the game, the more experience he has had, the greater his ability to think upon and analyze the position, the greater his accuracy will be in assessing what his next move(s) shall be, the better he will be able to organize winning strategies and avoid pitfalls. It really is a wonderful example when you really think about it. There is nothing supernatural or paranormal about it. It is just a matter of having the knowledge of the necessary facts and factors at hand and then thinking upon and analyzing the current situation in lieu of those facts and factors. Physical facts are part of that process, true, but physical facts – alone – are hardly enough to make accurate predictions. We need super-physical facts as well, seeing as physical effects are rooted in super-physical causes. For that we need esoteric knowledge; for that we must either be a causal self (47:1) or be studying Esoterics – and especially Pythagorean Hylozoics a la HTL and LA. For that we need to be constantly exercising our mind, learning to think as clearly and as precisely as possible, learning to think in accord with reality. Then, and only then, will be see with enough perspective to make worthwhile predictions on anything. In a sense, we must climb up the mountain (of consciousness) to see what lies on the horizon. We must learn to recognize the patterns that exist – whence do they come and whither do they go. This is the art and science of divination - the power of prediction.

Thanks for your time,


Fr. E.S.Q.S.

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Jul 15, 2017
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