'The mystery of "Augoeides"!

by JD.K

In reading through Laurency’s Knowledge of Reality, I ran across the term “Augoeides”. It was used in a way that made me think it was important to Pythagorean Hylozoics and that I was expected to know what it meant. Actually, I’ve never heard the term before and I have not been able to find a definition or explanation for it. I have also browsed through Laurency’s The Philosopher’s Stone, but I could not find the term mentioned there either. Any help In solving this mystery will be greatly appreciated…

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Jan 28, 2016
Thanks for your quick response!
by: JD.K

Thanks Anonymous!
That information is very helpful and I am anxious to read it. I really do appreciate your Quick response to my question. Thanks again!


Jan 28, 2016
RE: 'The mystery of "Augoeides"!
by: Anonymous

There is no mystery about it, my brother - in fact, HTL devotes a whole chapter to Augoeides in The Way of Man, which also happens to be on laurency.com. Once you have read that chapter, his references to Augoeides will make more sense.

As per outside sources: Augoeides is, indeed, mentioned in outside literature; however, not under the term "Augoeides". For example: "Holy Spirit", "Guardian Angel", and "ADNI" are just a small sampling of terms that have been used to refer to Augoeides.

Thanks for your time,



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