The Essence of Religion PART V

by Anonymous

NOTE: It seems that I miscalculated - there will be five parts it seems.

The third purpose is to inspire acts of goodwill. It is by acts of goodwill that we will eventually transform the world into a paradise – the “Kingdom of God on Earth”. It is by acts of goodwill, of brotherly love, that we will eventually alleviate suffering. What many people do not seem to understand is that nearly all of our suffering is self-generated. By our hatred, we make life a living hell. In so far as we contribute to the suffering of our brothers, we shall suffer the same. As every humble farmer knows: that which we have sown, so shall we reap – whether individually or collectively. As it has been said:

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” (Galatians 6:7, KJV).

“Like the waves in great rivers, there is no turning back of that which has previously been done… (The soul is) like a lame man -- bound with fetters made of the fruit of good and evil” (Maitri Upanishad 4.2).

The only salvation that people can expect is that which we have worked for. It is not given to us for nothing. People are so happy to hear that all they need is to believe and then they are all but free of responsibility. Then they can tell themselves how faithful they are, while washing their hands of their misdeeds. People always look for an easy way out; however, there is no easy way out – there is only hard work or self-deception. The easy way is a lie and if people had the least amount of common sense, they would realize it. Hatred and the suffering it causes is not alleviated by belief; rather, it is alleviated by hard work and effort. Belief is no power, will effect no change. In fact, it is crippling self-deceit and impotence. Freedom from sin is not had by some miraculous, arbitrary forgiveness, but through the making of reparations. In short: freedom from sin is earned. You need to square your debts with God. You pay by service and hard work, motivated by real genuine love and kindness. It is not earned by grovelling like a worm at the foot of the theologians. They cannot make you free, despite what they claim.

As such, faithfulness is not measured in how much you believe as many people suppose; rather, faithfulness is measured in how much you love. The real test of faithfulness is brotherly love. Love as active service is the potent transformer; love as active service is the purifying fire which burns out the dross and impurities.


“We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

If we are to survive the 21st century, cooperation must necessarily supplant competition. Love must supplant hatred. It is imperative that the idea of the brotherhood of man is realized, at least to some small degree. In our global age, the isolation of a peoples and their problems is a thing of the past. We are, all of us, responsible for one another. Feigning ignorance will no longer be tolerated. In our global age, if we will not work to promote the cause of brotherhood, of humanity, then – even by our inaction – we promote the cause of inhumanity. In our global age, we are – all of us – citizens of the world. It is about high-time that we all started acting like it. There will be unity, there will be brotherhood. The power of love that is ushering in this age – an age of reason, law, order, and harmony - will be an irresistible force, an unstoppable force. For once, after so long a time, men will look upon each other as brothers again.

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