The Elephant

by Z

A good question to ponder on: are you self-conscious? We know that consciousness is; absolute and everything in the cosmos is conscious, one way or the other. Maybe many would answer that question: of course I am! But a little bit of self-observation tells us something else.
Say, we want to buy stamps from a near-by store. But then, in a beautiful weather, our mind starts to wander round being at the sea sailing next summer and all that is connected to it. Suddenly we wake, 500m away from the store and then we remember the stamps. -We have been day-dreaming, not at all conscious of our surroundings and definitely not self-conscious. Then we might think "what a fool I was", but continuing self-observation we begin to realize that we are not awake most of the day. And if we aren't conscious of ourselves at all, how could we ever develop our consciousness - the meaning of life? We can't. We shall stay dummies with our little hopes and sorrows and be born again and again without any advancement thousands of times.
We must start hylozoical practices. First 1) Self-observation of our body, emotions and thoughts, then 2) We must start practicing self-remembrance, to be aware all the time where we are and what we think, do etc. 3) To seek contact with our Augoeides.
By 1&2 we can become self-conscious=monadically conscious and get a glimpse of the lowest plane of the causal world (47:3). And after we have formed a constant relation with the Augoeides, we can enter as completed 47-selves to the 5th kingdom and come 46-selves.
Consciousness is always first collective. In hylozoics "Self" means the monad´s consciousness aspect. Subjective consciousness is only sensations and other inner experiences of an object, objective c. is seeing the materiality of higher planes. Causal selves can have 46:5-7 -consc.activated, but they are not 46-selves. AS there are 7 sublevels in every world and 1-3 are usually considered "higher", 5-7 "lower" - with 4 in the middle, 46:3 activated could be a "46-self", not only 46:1, the perfect one. (Speculation, I don't know).
Superconsciousness is all higher, not yet activated forms of c. The total cosmic consciousness is the sum of every monad-consciousness in the cosmos="god immanent".
Elephant is an old symbol of a saint (or 46-self), who passes along its own ways, a noble, intelligent, calm figure. We hylozoicians are not yet 46-selves, but we should view life like we already were.

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Apr 01, 2018

by: sam

thanks for your contribution

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