The Path from Exoteric to Esoteric

A talk given by Stanton Stevens at the Theosophical Society Library in Seattle, Washington November 11, 2018 – based on the Esoteric teachings of Henry T. Laurency.



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Summary:    (replace with the correct text, likewise the links above, this was copied from the Future of God page) Each of the seven and a half billion people on this planet has a different conception of “God”. We see ideas ranging from the angry, vengeful, jealous “personality disorder God” of the Old Testament, to the gray-bearded “good king God” on his throne, to the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent “super everything God” that we are all part of. As humanity evolves, so do these conceptions. Esoteric philosophy takes things further, pointing out how relative god-concepts are. While we are god-like to our pets, any being from kingdoms beyond human can only be perceived as god-like by us. And well they should be, they have overcome every lesson, challenge, temptation, and difficulty of the human kingdom to get there. Free from human ego, they can be trusted with knowledge and power, and work in perfect cooperation with each other to apply it. While they might collectively be called “God transcendent”, Esoterics also talks about “God immanent”, your own unlosable share in the total cosmic consciousness. And, perhaps most important of all, Esoterics points out that our own Souls are among the beings beyond human, working with great patience, love, and wisdom to help each of us make it through the human kingdom, probably the most difficult and dangerous of the many kingdoms we pass through on our long journey in the evolution of consciousness.