RE: a sigh of relief (Unity and the Planetary Collective Consciousness)

by Fr. E.S.Q.S.

A few words to ANONYMOUS:
I would implore you to bear in mind the fact that the purpose of that article ("Unity and the Planetary Collective Consciousness", both PART I. and PART II.) is to reflect upon the nature of the planetary collective consciousness and man's place in it, and not so much to explain the planetary and/or systemic schema (i.e.: the globe system). Though I must touch upon the material worlds of the planet (i.e.: the "planetary worlds", worlds 46-49) in passing, I am neglecting to explain a great many others details in the article - partly because I don't really have the space to elucidate all the pertaining details in a 3 page article, partly because the details are exceedingly complex (even for me), and partly because - seen from the conscious aspect - the divisions are not nearly as important as the overall unity of consciousness, which is what I am stressing throughout. As such, please take care: it is - by no means - a complete and accurate picture. It is, undoubtedly, full of mistakes. A grain of salt, brother. I am probably wrong on many counts.

That being said, if there is interest for it, I would be more than willing to write a separate article or series of articles addressing those matters - specifically - in the (near) future. Granted, it will probably take some time before I can write on the matter, seeing as I have a lot to learn about it first. I will have to make a separate and quite rigorous study of the related materials (concerning Esoteric Cosmology), beforehand. Let's see if I can even grasp the basics of that schema (i.e.: the globe system as mentioned in PS2 a la HTL and previously by HPB, AWB, CWL, compiled by AEP) before I even begin setting anything down to paper. Please, if you are interested, show your interest by commenting. After all, if a sufficient number of people comment, then - clearly - there is a demand for elucidation.

Thanks for your time,


Fr. E.S.Q.S.

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