Practical hylozoics shortly

by Z

Here are the guide-lines of practical hylozoics or Light Technology. The work must be done following these three lines:

1. SELFREMEMBRANCE. This means remembering the second self´s consciousness and orientation. It has been said that an esotericist is a first self who has the 2nd self´s view of life. If we can have a glimpse of a 2nd self´s consciousness, it produces self- or monadic consciousness. Maybe first for just a few seconds, then longer.
-Non-identification to some of our sheaths.

2. GROUP. Group is of enormous importance. Being a member, one can benefit from it as
-showing consideration
-sharing experiences
-you can learn from others and vice versa.
-in a group, a group-soul develops. Our mental molecules form a collective soul,
consciousness can be much higher than that of any participant. That means, that
its energies are much stronger, which helps our development. One´s spiritual level
can get 100 levels higher. Of course not always, but maybe some time 5-15 levels up.

3. SCHOOL. (with or without a teacher)
-important for consciousness development
-a step to expand your inner work wider

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