On The Uselessness of Clairvoyance

by Fr. E.S.Q.S.


What follows is a short article addressing the uselessness of clairvoyance. Though it has been said many times throughout esoteric literature a la HTL and LA, it probably doesn’t hurt to reiterate the message – not least of all from someone who has rudimentary clairvoyance (both in 49:4 and 48:4-7). The word, “Clairvoyance” – actually a French word effectively translating to, “Clear vision” - is a bit of a misnomer. There is nothing “clear” about clairvoyance. A knowledge of reality is not possible with clairvoyance.

My Clairvoyance

Seeing as I will be reiterating the message concerning the uselessness of clairvoyance founded in my own, personal experience of clairvoyance, it is probably necessary to share a few details of my own, personal experiences in the matter. After all, a message without examples is probably not too effective. As I mentioned above, I have rudimentary clairvoyance in both 49:4 and 48:4-7 (granted, I am not 100% sure of the actual emotional molecular kinds; rather, I am just going to say that it is probably somewhere within the first four molecular kinds). In my own, personal experience clairvoyance has proven to be particularly useless. Rudimentary clairvoyance in 49:4 merely suggests (at best) the existence of things like the physical-etheric envelope, whereas rudimentary emotional clairvoyance in 48:4-7 is, at best, just an imaginative play of lights, colors, and shapes; at worst, it is decidedly deceptive and – at times – unnerving. Mostly, it just appears as a cacophony of lights, colors, and shapes; images of distant peoples and places flashing, shifting, and changing with lightning rapidity and without any particular rhyme or reason. Making sense of any of this has proven an impossible task. It is not worth much time.


Of course I have made experiments – and that is why I have something to say on the matter. I have lived experiences. Coupled with esoterics, with a knowledge of reality, I can probably say that I have some knowledge of the matter in question. My experiments with clairvoyance in 49:4 were marginally successful (due to the more restricted nature of physical matter), although ultimately inconclusive due to the limited range of that vision. My experiments with clairvoyance in 48:4-7 were all failures and went to prove precisely what has always been said about emotional matter in esoterics a la HTL and LA: emotional matter shows you whatever you want to see. Thus, my experiments always seemed to be successful, but – in checking with reality – they were never successful; they were always failures. It shows you what you want, not what is true. Whatever you believe you will see, you see. So much for acquiring knowledge of anything in the emotional world (world 48). A healthy dose of skepticism is a necessary safeguard when dealing with the emotional world (world 48). Doubt everything there, no matter how impressive or how realistic it all seems.

Waking in a Dream

One experience I had, a long while back, involving the emotional world (world 48) is when I suddenly “awoke” (i.e.: became self-conscious) in a dream. I remember it all quite clearly even now because it was a very powerful experience. In the dream, I was walking about in our backyard when – all of a sudden – I “awoke”, I became present in the dream and at that moment (i.e.: self-conscious). I immediately recognized the fact that I was dreaming; however, I didn’t physically wake up at that moment. Instead, for a time, I was fully conscious in the dream, itself. As such, I rushed about examining the world around me, noting the incredible detail of this simulacrum. Everything was as it would be, physically. I even crouched down and looked at the blades of grass and was astonished to see that every single one of them was perfectly rendered. The point here is this: emotional matter is highly deceptive. I was walking about in a perfect replica of my backyard, down to even the minutest of details. It was highly convincing – and that is the real danger of the emotional world (world 48). What you see is highly convincing, even if it is not remotely true (to reality). As such, it is not a viable source of knowledge, cannot be a viable source of knowledge.


The emotional world (world 48) and its matter are problematic. Emotional matter is in a constant state of flux – and especially at this time (i.e.: the fourth eon, etc.,). Emotional clairvoyance sees forms in emotional matter, but is utterly incapable of determining whether or not the forms in emotional matter are true to reality. It is probably safe to say that 99.99% of the forms in emotional matter are little more than short-lived emotional elementals; emotional thoughtforms. It is probably safe to say that 80% or so of those emotional elementals a clairvoyant sees are self-made (consciously or unconsciously). How do we know what is true and what is not true in the emotional world (world 48)? The problem is that we do not. We have no ability to know. Emotional clairvoyance (in the emotional molecular kinds) is unreliable. We need the capabilities of a causal-self or even the capabilities of an essential-self. A perfect example that I like to use when discussing the deceptive nature of the emotional world (world 48) is this:

Let us pretend for a moment, that – all of a sudden and quite inexplicably – you can see an image of your dead relative standing there, in front of you. What a shock! Probably you will try to say something to them or they will say something to you - and it is all as is to be expected. Perhaps they will tell you that they are fine, that they are in “heaven” and “with God” (whatnot) and you will be very much relieved. The image fades.

The question is now, what did you just experience? Clearly, it was “something” – a material form of some sort or another; after all, we cannot experience immaterial forms or “unreal” things (as the doctors and psychologists will probably call it). There is no doubt about that. The real problem begins with our asking, “But was it actually my dead relative?” Just because it appeared to be so, in form, does not mean that it actually was. The same can be asked of those apparent “disciples”, “adepts” or “masters”, figures of historical significance, and the even the records of world events (which people tend to improperly call the “Akashic Records”), existing in that world.

Seeing is Believing

Ultimately, the reason why we are warned against developing clairvoyance is precisely this: with most men these days (“most” being on par of about 90% or so), “seeing is believing”. That is the very real danger there is in it. It is almost impossible to avoid being taken in by emotional illusions and mental fictions when we can see their “reality” in the emotional world (world 48). Clairvoyants, what with their visions confirming everything that they suspect to be true, cannot help but become fanatical. It apparently doesn’t matter that every clairvoyant sees something utterly different and that all such visions prove contradictory. Thus, it is wise to heed the warnings and avoid developing clairvoyance before the acquisition of causal consciousness (consciousness in 47:1-3). From a man who has some rudimentary clairvoyance such as myself, I can tell you this: you are not missing anything of any real significance. Carry on with your studies. Strive for causal consciousness.

Thanks for your time,


Fr. E.S.Q.S.

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Mar 31, 2017
A pitfall along the path…
by: JR @ Esoteric Law

An experiential admonition not to be taken lightly by truth seekers!


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