On road to glory

by Ra Ptah
(Disclosed )

On the path an aspirant will experience road blocks detours that take the individual in the wrong direction ECT ect. Sometimes the spiritual seeker might run across adversity and adversaries because once a spiritual awakening starts to accur that person literally gives off actual light. Some see this light and call it a glow or a shine but on a scientific level it is actual light measured on the ultraviolet light frequency. But the detrimental forces are attracted to the aspirant or seeker to extinguish that light cause the detrimental forces do not want to be out shine or overthrown ECT or not noticed others are attracted to the aspirant or seeker to feed off of the light they are called energy vampires of mass consciousness. Then there is the small positive group of individuals who are attracted to the aspirant or seeker and might be one being that is considered ur spirit guides or guide. They or the single guide helps the aspirant or seeker to keep there light so it is not put out destroyed consumed devoured ECT. So there is the assistance even if it's small on the road to glory. It is up to the aspirant or seeker to notice the difference between help false help hurt misdirection ECT. And to notice these difference the development of the 3rd eye must activated but only under the guidance of a sage or spiritual master.

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