My Most Sincere Commendations

by Fr. E.S.Q.S.

I would just like to offer my most sincere commendations to the host(s) of this website for finally establishing a forum of sorts. I had hoped - for a rather long time now, actually - that this would happen. There is, I think, a very real need for forums such as this. After all, some of us - myself included - are not nearly so fortunate as to have physical esoteric study groups or schools nearby (or even just moderately understanding peoples, mind you) and, so, the only thing that we really have are forums and the occasional private exchange of letters; however, there are very few forums - if any - dedicated to the study of the truly esoteric (as in actually esoteric), such as Pythagorean Hylozoics.

As such, on behalf of all the seekers whom happen find themselves rather stranded amidst an impassable sea of darkness and ignorance, I thank you.

I, for one, will do what I can to contribute to this forum. I am hoping that others will posit some questions and comments in due course of time. We have a real opportunity here. Let's make good use of it.

Thanks for your time,


Fr. E.S.Q.S.

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Dec 02, 2015

by: Anonymous

Thanks E.S.Q.S. for your encouraging words...

We are hopeful that this forum will help build an ever-growing community of seekers drawn to Pythagorean Hylozoics and the knowledge of reality that it reveals.

We are also hopeful that all seekers who find this website are as enthusiastic as you in realizing its potential in attracting, expanding and maintaining an ever-growing community of like-minded women and men of goodwill; women and men able and willing to participate in creating a better world. We look forward to your continuing participation in this forum.

Most kind regards,
JR, SF and SS

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