My Introduction Here

by Bo Atkinson
(Submitted 11-20-2019)

Bo Atkinson

Long before discovering the wakeup call of HTL, but after beginning my life long seeker's quest, having tried and rejected the results of some other varied systems objectively, including some aspects of sciences, arts and religion, I focussed efforts to make sense of it all, in an individualized approach aimed at harmony, which somewhat prepared me for hylozoics , finally discovering HTL only in this latter part of my life. Thanks to each and everyone whom make this readily available in our world today.

I have posted my name and modest researches publicly, for 20 years online, with care, which gradually helped me prepare a ground, for building up towards hylozoics. Difficult trial and error for meanings consumed decades, (and without esoterics proper). Being more rurally-adapted avoided most of the social constraints in free speech, examining taboos and backyard-science, as I developed a low maintenance lifestyle, demanding of creativity and self reliance, with low income.

I saw the ongoing commotions of liberation from our worn out civilization, with it's lack of ecological lifestyles. I empathized with the people seeking ways out, yet whom are overcome by physical shortcomings. I focussed on constructive building researches attempting to support independent lifestyles, despite my insignificance in the larger difficult world. Finally today, at this latter point in my life I explore the idea that we "know nothing worth knowing".

Just to share hylozics in the light of the planetary hierarchy, by posting on an internet forum or blog, hardly attracts much attention, due to the lower emotional impetus presiding on average. I found plenty to say and learn, concerning practical arts, spiritual-philosophical matters and technological-scientific findings. Yet free exchanges of ideas demanded that emotional over-drive, in order to proceed at all, but at the risk of it's detours to the way forward. At least, the errors encountered stimulated some desire for progress, rather than to passionately destroy all one's efforts, like the unsatisfied artist who destroys his canvass.

It is interesting that emotionality sways men even more than hormones alone, as it even sways philosophical learning, (much better told in~ L4E3.5.5). Individuals are exploring random concepts on the www, freed in this incarnation from the traditional, "gigantic elemental in the emotional world" (L4E4.26.10), which is actually now possibly sufficiently unraveling, evidenced by randomized freedoms of the internet. This might be a hylozoic opportunity, for good sowing.

Hylozoics arrives at our naturally shifting stages of mankind, all linked collectively by physical needs and emotional desires, but few of us take the trouble to constantly test or to adjust our focus, on the function of human stages, or what actually should develop, or where advancement can potentially take us. Involution brought us through such primitive stages that sticky creature-habits still linger and fool us, saying "mankind has developed quite enough", or that we must indulge in lower emotions as seen on TV. Presiding creature habits have too long reinforced physicality, enticed lower emotionality, and blocked mentality from discussion...

Around the 1950s, our baby boomers saw this : "Mankind lives in emotional and mental chaos. It is ourselves we have to blame for that. We have lived tens of thousands of lives and must have contributed to idiotization. It is high time that we started contributing to helping people find the way." (L4E4.53.4). Again my point is, we are currently free from the instantaneous totalitarianism, free to help. Will any dare consider this?

Competing video presentations currently profess all kinds of approaches to mastering wisdom, there are many listeners, and right or wrong the tech to master video publishing is evermore accessible. The presentation of HTL and the existence of the hierarchy to this massive arena, deserves discussion, at the very least, better yet with 2020 insights. Will anyone respond?

“The children of the world are wiser than the children of light.” (KL2.4.4.6)

"You must use strong words so that you make people listen, something that can be heard above the noise and din of the satanists." (KL1.9.10.8) THE LAW

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