Mid-Atlantic Spiritual Science Academy in Baltimore, Maryland

by Rev. Robin Cushner
(Baltimore, Maryland USA)

The Planet Soul Holistic social group has been creating conscious community since 1997. We offer a life-changing Development Circle and Metaphysical training. Both are designed for the serious seeker and devotee; to attract those who wish to transform their lives; and, to uncover skills, techniques and a new, sacred outlook. Attendance is by Zoom, Conference Calls or In-Person.

The Mid-Atlantic Spiritual Science Academy, based on ancient wisdom, is a proven, progressive, interactive method of personal transformation and evolution since 1914. We study Esoteric Books and Laws along with Conscious Thinking, Self(Soul)-Development, Healing, Meditation and Intuitive Skills. Using noted authors like Annie Besant, Alice Bailey, Manly P. Hall and Helena Blavatsky, we discuss Kabbalah; Death and Dying; Reincarnation; Hierarchy and the Afterlife; Unity via Comparative Religion; Energy Flow; Affirmations; Resonance Healing; Ancient Disciples; Symbology; Metaphysics; and, Hidden Wisdom to find your own Truth.

The Insight Development Mediumship Meditation Circle in an ongoing weekly class offering a proven method for developing your intuitive talent and trusting our Souls live on, we are watched over and part of the Divine essence. This is a progressive way to heighten your psychic experiences and perceptive reading ability through meditation. Through this, you will learn to relieve daily stress; make better choices; better handle "challenges"; heal yourself at a soul level, and promote balance, harmony, clarity and focus in your everyday life. Stimulate and challenge yourself to step beyond your current limitations; to develop your clair-senses; and, to trust in and prove you are connected to G-d, your Angels and loved ones who have passed over.

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Sep 14, 2021
Mediumship and MASSA
by: Gracie

Robin is incredibly knowledgeable and just wise. The mediumship circle teaches you discipline, acceptance, tolerance, understanding, unconditional love, a deeper insight to human consciousness but also into your own soul. No matter how much you think you are already ingrained with these things, you actually dissect it and apply it to your life. It becomes a part of you. Anyone who is accepted is incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity for this type of spiritual work, and to work with Robin. I'm about to start MASSA and I'm just unbelievably excited.

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