Meditations on Unity

by Fr. E.S.Q.S.


Of all the ideas that I have ever come across in my life thus far, none have been quite as significant as this: the idea of unity. I “discovered” it (or, rather, I “rediscovered” it) back when I was a teenager and, ever since that point, it had served as my lodestone; my guiding star. There is just so much information out there in the occult and esoteric that it was certainly a necessity to have such an idea guiding me along my path of “discovery” (or “rediscovery). I am thankful for this. It is very hard to be led (too far) astray when you have such a grand ideal leading the way forward.

As such, I have decided to give that great idea more of my attention: I would like to take some time, as I can, to reflect upon the idea of unity, to examine it from many different angles, and to discern the logical conclusions that follow from this idea, such as – for example: unity and the law of sow and reaping, unity and immortality, unity and trust in life, unity and the necessity of service – to name just a few. Thus, what will follow from this is a series of short articles, short meditations, on the idea of unity.

In The Beginning

Of course, before beginning these other articles, these other meditations, it is necessary to begin with the first and foremost matter: the fundamental bases of unity. The rest of the articles will start from the idea of unity, and unity as a given, whereas this article will take the time to examine the fundamental bases of unity, itself – in accord with Esoterics, and especially Pythagorean Hylozoics a la HTL and LA.

Reality is One

The first and foremost thing, then – in accord with Esoterics, and especially Pythagorean Hylozoics a la HTL and LA – is the proposition that reality is one: reality is one, reality is a unity. It doesn’t matter what you choose to call it or how you choose to look at it, personally, so long as you understand that it is – by necessity, even - one, it is a unity. The wonderful, fantastical idea of “multiple realities” needs to definitively be scotched. It is not good enough as an answer for anything in that it then leaves us wondering:

“Well, if there are multiple realities, then what are these realities contained in? After all, things do not exist in no-thing, or no-where”

In other words, we need to consider something else – something bigger containing even them. Perhaps we call it, “Super-reality” or some such. In truth, this didn’t change anything. It was merely a mind-game; mental gymnastics leading us nowhere, fast. It’s still one reality and it’s still a unity. Arguing this proposition is actually quite pointless.

Reality is Three

The next thing that needs to be taken into due consideration is the fact that reality is, in fact, a trinity of three equally distinct, equally unique, aspects: matter, consciousness, and motion. Thus, reality is one and unity while also being three. Some people will probably find this difficult to understand; however, it really isn’t that hard to understand if they will try. A helpful hint, a useful metaphor, is to see reality like a diamond with three facets. The diamond (reality) is, itself, one and a unity while also having three equally distinct, equally unique facets (matter, consciousness, and motion). The diamond is still one whole thing, and each facet is still part-and-parcel of that one whole thing. If we look at reality one way, it appears to us as a unity of matter; if we look at reality in another way, it appears to us as a unity of consciousness; and if we look at reality in still another way, it appears to us as a unity of motion. It is always a unity. In any case, no matter which way we are seeing it, reality is actually a unity of all three aspects at the same time. Everything is simultaneously matter, consciousness, and motion. This is a key point.


All matter is, essentially, primordial matter (i.e.: “first” matter): every molecule can be broken down into atoms, and every atom can be broken down into primordial atoms or monads. Beyond primordial atoms is the homogenous primordial matter from whence they are all derived.


All consciousness is, in essential respects, the consciousness of primordial matter. Primordial matter is not conscious, is unconscious; however, it can become conscious – and that is the key point. Thus, all consciousness is part-and-parcel of that great consciousness which is lying dormant even in the totality of primordial matter.


All motion is, essentially, primordial motion (i.e.: “first” motion): all motion, all energies, all forces, all powers, and – where consciousness is involved – also all wills are ultimately derived of this one, true power. It is the dynamical power – blind and omnipotent, the dynamical motion, inherent in primordial matter, itself.

Our Cosmos

A cosmos is a globe in primordial matter. It is, itself, a fundamental unit. It is, itself, like one great being. Being part of reality, it (necessarily) has a form, a consciousness, and a motion; thus, cosmic matter is one matter, cosmic consciousness is one consciousness, and cosmic motion is one motion. What is important about this is that everything existing in our cosmos, then, is part-and-parcel of this fundamental, cosmic unity. Every sun, every planet, and every being thereon is part-and-parcel of the one cosmic form (matter), the one cosmic consciousness, and the one cosmic will (motion). In understanding this, we can finally grasp the depth of meaning there is behind the saying:

“For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring” (Acts 17:28, KJV).

Who is “he”? “He” is the cosmos, “he” is the great being, he great life, in which we all share; likewise, we are – indeed – “his offspring” in that not a one of us be what we are today without “him”. In esoteric parlance, our consciousness would never have been roused to activity.

Our Solar System

Much of what has been said about the cosmos can be said about the solar system as well, for the solar systems of our cosmos are as many scaled down replicas of the cosmos, itself (one is reminded of the hermetic axiom, “As above, so below”). Thus, our solar system is, itself, one and a unity; a unity of form (matter), a unity of consciousness, and a unity of will (motion). We are, all of us, a child of this star of ours – what the ancients had called, “God”. This is why they worshipped the Sun. Without the Sun, no solar system; without the solar system, no planets; without the planets, no Earth; without the Earth, no mankind.

Our Planet

We will end this section by touching upon the planet, Earth, itself. Like our cosmos and our solar system, even our planet is – in similar respects – a unity. Our planet, Earth, is, itself, a unity of form (matter), a unity of consciousness, and a unity of will (motion). We are all part-and-parcel of that unity, that planetary unity. Just because we are not yet (consciously) aware of it, does not mean that it is not so. If we can follow the logic being presented here, from the unity of reality down to the unity of the planet, we can see that it simply must be so. The cosmos is a great being, the solar system is a great being, and our planet, Earth, is a great being – and we are part of all of them. This is the fundamental basis of the brotherhood of man and even the brotherhood of all life: we all have a share in the one great life – every man, woman, and child of every race, class, and creed.


Thanks for your time,


Fr. E.S.Q.S.

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Apr 22, 2017
An erudite treatment of unity!
by: JR @ Esoteric Law

"Everything is above all what it appears to be (Matter), but besides that, always something quite different (Motion)and immensely more (consciousness)."

Thanks Fr. E.S.Q.S. For another fine article!


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