Journy in Progress

by Christopher Duren
(Fenton, Mo, USA)

One day i asked the Creator what system am i in . We are supposed to be in a Christian system our freedoms come from a Creator and i am no bible thumper.The basic at that time for me was love yourself and your neighbor the same .In the system i am in, not many even talk to their neighbor our even know them it seems many love killing each other. Some people with the smalliest amount of authority love abusing it.It also seems promotted . I said i just want to know the truth. I will say this was in 2015 and the journy started in history and law. This study took about three years and it took me out of the land of confusion. Then i went back to the bible and found a map of the brain. i started looking at the bible diffrent example the creation story, God (neutron) splits Adam (atom) and creats male (positive) female (negative), this is science. There are many more that can be proved by science just one more in the bible it talks about these pathway through our bodys that God uses , in science we look up Foramen (Amun-ra) these are pathways through our body. This cant be proved in science but i find it vary interesting. In the bible it says the only place you can see God face to face is peniel (pineal gland). If God is with Adam and Eve in the garden , where is the garden, i am thinking the mind. After Adam and Eve talk to the lower mind they have fear and shamme for me they fell out of the higher mind cast out of the garden. That is why i am here to study for higher consciousness the higher mind and after reading Esoteric concepts and watching the video im Esoteric. i am loving it i have down loaded the study packet , then i will be sharing it giving people diffrent thought concepts.

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