Is there an Anomaly in Laurency?

by Ray
(Cape Town)

Dear Friends.
I have one problem, with the Laurency material, which I would like to put forward for comment in an attempt to get past this supposed fact that seems to nag me so often. I would appreciate your assistance and guidance. I have spend many a meditation on this subject without success...
Laurency states that we are basically helpless without the knowledge and assistance of those who have achieved higher consciousness in the Planetary Hierarchy ... and that we would not be able to advance beyond this human kingdom without this help.
If this is in fact the case, then how did the ‘first’ monad or collective reach that state? And if some monad or collective reached that state, why is it not possible for others to do so without Planetary Hierarchy help?
Logically therefore this assertion cannot be an absolute law and by stating this in his writings, might it not suggest some motive for wanting people to seek help from the Planetary Hierarchy rather than our own efforts as was (obviously?) done successfully by the ‘first’ monad or collective?
Now I am not in any way questioning, unity, and collective consciousness, but I am questioning freedom of choice and it’s implications in this regard.
Thanks you.

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Sep 14, 2017
Laurency Anomalies
by: Finefeather

For those who have been through a long search for the re-remembrance of the esoteric truths, and who have recently found the writings of Laurency, in this current life, it must be clear, now, just how far we have come from the earlier writings...which many have spent years studying. This may even seem to some as the end of the search, as if we might suddenly have reached the absolute truth...and all that remains is to understand what might be seen by some as the bible of esoteric wisdom.
But this is only the beginning and when we find the time to meditate on what might be seen by many as anomalies, we should conclude just how difficult it is to come to conclusions when we are still lacking consciousness which barely extends past the 3 lower physical levels. Those who have touched the causal levels will know the outcome of judging at lower levels of consciousness.
So all that can be said or pointed an attempt to temper the judgement of those who wish to focus on the peripherals and not the main purpose of the testimony of the 'recorder' of Laurency himself. So I quote this small passage from 'The Way of Man', Introductions, 1.7 Readers of Laurency, paragraph 3
"Almost all letters the recorder of Laurency’s works has written in reply to readers concern
misunderstandings of what they have read. They find contradictions that are merely apparent,
which a bit of reflective thought should have told them. Esoterics contains many paradoxes
incomprehensible to literalists and wiseacres. They should consider that intellectual rule
which advises us not to concern ourselves with what is incomprehensible to us. There must be
some chance of "intuition" (the automatic combination work of the subconscious)."

Peace to all

Sep 07, 2017
Anomaly in Laurency
by: Ruby

There are several anomalies in Laurency. For example he said that the Soviet system is the power more terrible than that of the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages (Knowledge of Reality). This statement is utterly absurd. However, Laurency is extremely important.

Apr 20, 2017
RE: Anomaly
by: Fr. E.S.Q.S.

Ah – so it seems that I will not be working on a paper today; rather, I will be working on an answer to your query. First and foremost, let me just say welcome aboard my good man. Hopefully I can be of some small service to you in regards to your query.

To begin with, let me just say that it really is a wonderful question – good to see that you are thinking things through. The answer (or, rather, answers) will require analysis from a number of different angles. That said, let’s stop beating about the bush and begin.

The question (summed up): is the assistance of the Planetary Hierarchy necessary to the attainment of higher types and kinds of consciousness (47:1-3+)?

The answer is, according to what I have read about it and as I have understood it – probably unsurprisingly – both yes and no. You are right to think that it is not – technically - an absolute law; however, the odds of achieving such a thing (by accident, in a sense) are astronomical. I recall reading somewhere in the material that the Planetary Hierarchy considers it possible (theoretically) that a man could achieve full causal consciousness on his own; however (practically) the odds of doing so, in the one right way and without endangering himself in the process - are ridiculous. In any case, it is certainly not the most expedient and efficient manner. Those who have gone before, who have "trodden the path" (as they say), can help others along and spare them much unnecessary work, much unnecessary failure, in the process. Of course, you are always entirely free to go about it on your own – just don’t expect to be the one guy who finally achieves it. You probably won’t.

As per the first monad(s) and/or collectives: well, the first problem here is can we even consider the first monad(s) and/or collectives at all when primordial matter and primordial motion have always been (according to Pythagorean Hylozoics)? Was there ever a first cosmos in timeless primordial matter? What would that have been like? What would have been the conditions? So many questions – and all of them will not have answers. The problem is that we are speculating on matters that we have no hope of comprehending properly. One thing: please bear in mind that Pythagorean Hylozoics a la HTL and LA is a mental system and not reality itself. It is not an explanation of absolutely everything. It is not absolute knowledge. It gives us a lot of facts about the super-physical worlds of the solar system – and especially the worlds of man (those worlds we can understand, 47-49), and all of it organized into a useful mental system, but very little beyond that. Beyond that, we are given certain principles – a few scant facts necessary to deduce the rest such as, for example, the nature of the trinity of reality: matter, consciousness, and motion. Not everything is known as of yet. We are, all of us, in the process of acquiring knowledge – even the Planetary Hierarchy and the Planetary Government. Asking questions about the first monad(s) and/or collectives is – frankly - asking impossible questions at this juncture. No one would claim to know such things.

A few thoughts from LA on the matter: it is a funny sort of thing, but LA had addressed some of these questions himself. One thing he would probably ask you, according to what I had read, is this:

If the Planetary Hierarchy is unnecessary (for assistance), then why does it exist?

Probably you could doubt that it exists at all and ignore such a question, but it is much harder to deny the next question:

If Esoterics is unnecessary (for assistance), then why does it exist?

In any case, you certainly cannot doubt the existence of Esoterics – and especially Pythagorean Hylozoics a la HTL and LA – what we might call, "expert knowledge of life". After all, it is available to you even now. It really is a good question. How far would we get – do you suppose – with Exoterics; with just scientific hypotheses, theological doctrines, and philosophical theories? Are you aware of their inherent limitations? Is it possible to proceed without Esoterics? Once more: (technically) yes; however, you’ll only end up learning the very same knowledge contained in Esoterics, anyways, after a considerable length of time. If you want to, in a sense, "reinvent the wheel" you have every right to do so; however, that is certainly not expedient or efficient. If the meaning and purpose of living is the growth and development of consciousness, then why would you opt to take the slowest possible road? Yes – you have the right to do so; you have a right to be as foolish as you wish. If you honestly think that science, religion, or philosophy will suffice, then go to it. It is clear to those who are watching that you (and by "you" I mean anyone who would make such a choice – not "you" personally) still have much to learn. If you cannot see that Esoterics, esoteric knowledge, is the pinnacle of our knowledge, then it is better for you to return to Exoterics until some distant life when you have finally acquired enough sense that you realize Esoterics, esoteric knowledge, is the inevitable pinnacle of our knowledge.

Now, given that we can accept the fact of Esoterics, then we are lead to rethinking just where it came from. If man cannot produce esoteric knowledge, is inherently an exotericist, then that knowledge must have come from somewhere else: from a super-human consciousness. That super-human consciousness is – collectively – the Planetary Hierarchy according to Pythagorean Hylozoics.

I will end this response by addressing your suspicions concerning HTL’s intentions: I would take great care with thoughts like this my good man. I have seen suspicions like this drive men mad. Suspicion is an expression of hatred and can quite easily separate us from a source of light and inspiration. I can certainly understand where it comes from (it comes from ignorance and fear, essentially); however, given the long and wide view of Esoterics, it seems entirely unfounded and an unfair judgement of man’s life work. All he’s trying to do is to spare you a little work, make your way a little easier. He’s not going to encourage you to work alone when the best, most expedient, and most efficient method for the growth and development of consciousness is to work with the Planetary Hierarchy.

Mistrust of the Planetary Hierarchy; also, its disciples and aspirants - is a most unfortunate thing. It is probably the greatest victory of our dark brothers: to have made men doubt the source of their best chance for the growth and development consciousness on a planet like ours.

In any case, hopefully I have been of some small service here. Probably I have just raised more questions than I have addressed successfully.

One final note: please take what I say here with a grain of salt. I am not an infallible man. I have probably made numerous bumbling mistakes in my explanations. It is not a reflection of Esoterics proper; rather, it is a reflection of my own limited mental capacities and abilities to formulate properly. I am still just a student. I am still learning, myself. Common sense, my good man. Use common sense. Go with that.

Thanks for your time,


Fr. E.S.Q.S.

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