How to study

by Olli

Hylozoics is not for all. It is for old disciples and initiates of the Esoteric Orders. Only they can understand hylozoics. If it isn´t clear at first sight, or a short reading, leave it.
There is no such a person as "Laurency". We call him" "HTL".
Hylozoics is a causal self´s view of reality. One can´t understand anything which is over one´s level. Yes, there was a Swedish philo-sopher, who "moved the pen." But every page was checked by the high intellects. Maybe there were more workers.
DVS (PhS) was published 1950? Why? The Tibetan had given humanity a huge amount of facts through Alice Bailey in 1919-1949. As Kleinias, DK was a disciple of Pythagoras.
Did something go wrong?
The planetary hierarchy decided to use a different method. To wake the intelligentsia.
There are 2 sentences in "HTL´s" works: WofM 1.52.4 and the KofL4 1.20.11. They explain what kind of books one is reading. A gift from...
If you don´t get it, forget it.
What are ignorant, sincere people criticizing? Who?
If K.H. had had free hands, HPB would have published a primitive version of hylozoics. It was forbidden. Also his disciple, DK, had no permission. He just hints.
If one criticizes "HTL", show a better system. Or prove hylozoics wrong. No-one can do it.
And one is immature for hylozoics, if stick to details - it is a vision. A small part of it. No human can write those kind of books. In 1952 DK and H. confirmed that it is the basic view of reality of the hierarchy, but not identical.
To study hylozoics, one has to leave everything behind. And learn a new language. It is hard.


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