Fools Rush In: A Warning

by Fr. E.S.Q.S.

Fools Rush In: A Warning


With the growing trend of what we might “pop-spirituality”; also, pop-psychology and pseudo-scientific nonsense, there is also a growing trend in “energy work” of various sorts: reiki, chi gung, tai chi, and hatha yoga - to name just a few instances. To the undiscerning eye this, perhaps, all seems quite harmless; however, to a trained esoterician, the situation is really just a terrible mess. The undiscerning see no problem with “energy work”, whereas the esoterician is floored by the stupidity of the undiscerning. What follows, then, is a short article concerning the age-old wisdom saying that, “Fools rush in where the wise fear to tread” and how it relates to the dangers of “pop-spirituality” and its promotion of “energy work” as being safe, harmless practices that can only better your life.

Energy Work

Nearly every single person these days has heard about “energy work”. Perhaps they have heard of reiki, chi gung, or tai chi. Perhaps they have heard of hatha yoga. Perhaps classes are being offered at their local fitness center. In any case, the notion of “energy work” is catching. It is catching not least of all because it is currently treated as being almost purely mechanical in nature, having almost nothing at all to do with the conscious aspect of reality - which has largely been ignored until just recently. As such, the undiscerning are quite literally absorbing the materials being presented concerning “energy work”, like just so many spiritually-starved sponges. They are taken in by all manner of hucksters promising quick results with little real effort hook, line, and sinker. A veritable cornucopia of books - with very little original content, mind you - concerning “energy work” has been written in a bid to get a slice of the pie. All manner of self-proclaimed teachers, schools, and dubious lineages of “energy work” have sprung up, like many mushrooms, just so eager to take in new students and collect tuitions. In a sense, “energy work” has become yet another product for consumption.

This, however, is not the real problem with “energy work”; rather, the real problem with “energy work” is, in truth, the relative blindness of its practitioners; the students, teachers, schools, and the - more or less - dubious lineages. Anyone who commits himself to even a few years of actual research on the matter can, in our day-and-age, ascertain the fact that “energy work” - whether reiki, chi gung, tai chi, or otherwise - is very real, has very real effects. It is entirely possible to ascertain the fact that “energy” can, indeed, be directed and applied. We are not living in the 1800’s anymore. Even the average Joe is able to record his own, personal experiences with the click of button. The evidence is, slowly but surely, mounting; the evidence is growing in strength and will, one day, serve a knock-out blow to the community of skeptical minds. The problem isn’t whether or not there is such a thing as “energy work” - there is; rather, it is the fact that most of this “energy work” consists of the blind operation of natural forces. This blindness is sheer stupidity.


The blind operation of natural forces is sheer stupidity. This should be a fairly obvious point - so obvious that it need not be said, even; however, it seems that the majority of “energy workers” have all bought into the comfortable delusion that it is all just a harmless play; they have all bought into the comfortable delusion that their particular teacher, school, and/or dubious lineage is actually correct and knows what it is doing. Everyone is the exception to the rule, apparently. The esoterician, at least, should be wiser. After all, he has access to a knowledge of reality and can see, quite clearly, that he does not understand just what forces he is manipulating by these practices. He, at least, should know that he does not know how they are to be rightly directed and applied. Then it is no wonder that men make nothing but mistakes.

Man potentially has access to 18 major types and kinds of force or will: 6 physical forces, 6 emotional forces, and 6 causal-mental forces. Likewise, each of these 18 major types and kinds of forces have a considered number of minor forces as follows:

Casual-mental Emotional Physical
47:2:1-7:1-7 48:2:1-7:1-7 49:2:1-7:1-7
47:3:1-7:1-7 48:3:1-7:1-7 49:3:1-7:1-7
47:4:1-7:1-7 48:4:1-7:1-7 49:4:1-7:1-7
47:5:1-7:1-7 48:5:1-7:1-7 49:5:1-7:1-7
47:6:1-7:1-7 48:6:1-7:1-7 49:6:1-7:1-7
47:7:1-7:1-7 48:7:1-7:1-7 49:7:1-7:1-7

Thus, these 18 major types and kinds of force or will can be broken down into a total of 126 minor types and kinds of force or will and even 343 sub-minor types and kinds of force or will - each with its own particular effects. There are a total of 2401 or so types and kinds of force or will in the solar system. Besides this, even, there is the fact that a great many of these energies are, largely, inaccessible to the average man. 47:2:1-7, 47:3:1-7, 47:4:1-7, and 47:5:1-7 are mostly inaccessible, mentally; likewise, 48:2:1-7, 48:3:1-7, and 48:4:1-3 are mostly inaccessible, emotionally. Most physical energies are, more or less, accessible - save for, perhaps, the finest physical forces (49:2:1-3 and 29:3:1-3). This is highly speculative, of course. I am going from what has been stated in Pythagorean Hylozoics a la HTL concerning the capacities of the average man. My numbers, especially concerning physical forces and wills, are little more than guesswork.

As such, one ought to wonder: what hope do these “energy workers” have to get things right? They are moving energies about, that much is for certain - after all, energy follows thought easily enough, but which ones and to what effect? What are these energies doing to the environment, to their patients, and/or to themselves? Here their incorrigible stupidity is made most manifest for all to see.

The Esoterician and the “Energy Worker”

The difference between an esoterician and an “energy worker” in this regard is like that between a scientist who studies the chemical make-up of a stick of dynamite to understand how it works in a theoretical sense, whereas the other is a moron who lights the fuse and says, “Let’s just light it up and see what happens”. Not only are the results potentially disastrous, but it teaches us very little beyond the fact that “just lighting it up” was a stupid idea in the first place. The same goes with all manner of “energy work”. It is one thing to study the theoretical make-up of these energies, but it is a whole other thing to “just light the fuse”. “Energy work” is not a game - in fact, its results can be just as disastrous as lighting a stick of dynamite. Trial-and-error is incredibly stupid as a method of inquiry when the results could very well just end your life - and your research as a result.

There is a right way to do “energy work” and there is a wrong way. It is typical of the incorrigible idiocy of man that he must choose the wrong way. You do not engage in “energy work” by mechanically toying with all manner of matters and energies. You do not engage in “energy work” by trying to direct and apply invisible and unknown natural forces in a haphazard fashion. That this is bound to be disastrous should be obvious enough with even just a wee bit of common sense. The safest way at this particular juncture is to control energies indirectly through the conscious aspect. Then the energies will go where they need to go without our “help”. This ridiculously fascinating, yet completely erroneous idea that we can - somehow - advance spiritually by purely mechanical means, by toying with all manner of matters and energies, ought to be scotched once and for all. There are many such masters in existence, already. They have mastered some kinds of matters and energies, have learned to direct and apply them - with great skill, even; however, many of them are still just as terrible as people as they have always been. They did not advance spiritually. In many cases, even, they have become even worse people by virtue of their new-found power(s). I will touch upon this matter again in an article concerning the development of the lower siddhis or psychic powers.

Just because there is a relationship between particular matters and energies, and particular types and kinds of consciousness does not mean that one may proceed directly from the matter aspect to the conscious aspect, that by toying with all manner of matters and energies - all of a sudden, and as if by magic - your conscious state will be raised without internal effort, without the necessary cultivation of those particular conscious states. It is this which will advance us spiritually; this internal effort, this necessary cultivation of particular conscious states.

A Common Retort

One of the most common retorts that the esoterician will hear is that he is “fear-mongering” or some such nonsense. This is, of course, an understandable conclusion on the part of the “energy workers” - albeit, an incorrect one. The esoterician is not afraid. After all, what is to him if the idiot will blow himself up with dynamite? No, there is no fear; rather, there is genuine, brotherly love - concern for the well-being of his fellow man. He warns his brother, not because he is scared; rather, he warns his brother because he, like an older sibling, wants to be sure to protect the younger sibling from unnecessary suffering. Then the “energy workers” will cry that it is just all too patronizing - yet they will be sure to lock their cupboards when a toddler is about so that it does not drink poisonous cleaning solutions. Apparently, they fail to see the irony in it.

Thanks for your time,


Fr. E.S.Q.S.

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Aug 13, 2016
Foos Rush In...
by: RDB

An excellent article and very much needed in this day of instant gratification and rampant spiritual consumerism.

One cannot stress enough that it is the journey that is the goal, and thus it is through our mental efforts which we employ in our daily lives to lift our level of consciousness that is most important. Suddenly arriving at some new destination armed with greater powers than our previous state is a sure formula for disaster, for the law of the economy of life instructs us that everything has to be paid for, that everything comes at a cost. Only the unlearned and foolish expect something for nothing.

Peace and joy to you dear reader...


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