Esoteric teachers in the digital domain

by Jerry - From West Haven CT USA
(Submitted 07-31-2021)

I have four decades of esoteric study, now including more than three years of study of Pythagorean hylozoics, HTL writings, other writings and Fourth Way practices, plus communication for a time with a person in Sweden and a person designated by the one in Sweden as well. I have experienced having “a teacher” on several prior occasions, but I do not have a specifically designated teacher at present. I do not have students, either. Instead, I remain open to the possibility of teaching others, while keeping silent for the most part and not spreading esoteric information where it would be counterproductive to do so. When in doubt, I’ve learned it is best to err on side of maintaining silence.

Issues of interest:
-progress via a teacher in this incarnation related to “building antahkarana”
-group discussion of group preparation for assisting in hierarchical centennial conclave of 2025

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Jan 27, 2022
...around the year 2025.
by: Bo Atkinson

Dear Jerry,

Your bringing this topic for discussion has been very helpful, but I have been catching up seasonally until the winter cold lets me stay inside for longer periods.

There appear more than one kind of conclave in HTL, and several instances of the year 2025 mentioned, all good and encouraging for us in this dismal time of the diseased thought form which has crippled society worldwide. It is likely that this thought form will be discarded before then, if more humans can just get off the belief-control zeitgeist of the current years. Worldwide I see mentality overcoming the 'scientism', which is dominated by lower emotionality.

Thanks to reading about 2025, I feel better about mankind's progress, due to the turning tides with new energies arriving!

"13 The energies of the fourth department will reach the physical world around the year 2025. In that connection the clans belonging to that department will begin a new series of incarnations...."

"9 Your mental envelope fourth department gives you a love of harmony and beauty but also that inner conflict which urges you to try to overcome your failings and so attain harmony of a "higher kind"."

"True art thus cannot be understood until in the world of Platonic ideas; and there, in full only by those causal selves who are of the fourth department and who can assimilate the energies of that department. This is so because the causal form is not only the idea of beauty. It is much more than that. The highest manifestation is force." L4E6 HTL


PS-I forgot to change the default 'Anonymous' in my last post.

Oct 18, 2021
2025 response
by: Jerry

Dear Anonymous

Thank you for your response that seems to me to have had the effect of placing Laurency’s development of Pythagorean hylozoics into proper place and perspective, relative to the earlier writings of AAB, on the topic of year 2025.

I decided to do a search in the AAB materials similar to the one you report having done in the Laurency and Adelskogh writings. The AAB search did not actually find a specific reference to what I had claimed concerning "centennial conclave". Those words were not found. There was, however, something close to that at pg 530 of the book "Externalisation of the Hierarchy" stating:

"Thus a great and new movement is proceeding and a tremendously increased interplay and interaction is taking place. This will go on until A.D. 2025. During the years intervening between now and then very great changes will be seen taking place, and at the great General Assembly of the Hierarchy—held as usual every century—in 2025 the date in all probability will be set for the first stage of the externalisation of the Hierarchy. The present cycle (from now until that date) is called technically "The Stage of the Forerunner".

My guess here is that I may have encountered the phrase "centennial conclave" in newsletters or other articles, somewhere.

Thank you, Anonymous,


Oct 10, 2021
Thanks Jerry
by: Tom Cribbs

Thanks for your details on working towards building the antahkarana, will look into that section of Rays and the Initiations book. I've been reading the Bailey books in their published order for five years now and still kinda blown away how huge that library of writing is from Master DK. Probably won't even get to the beginning of RandI book myself for several years from now, ha.

I usually read Bailey in the morning for a half hour, then Leadbeater or Besant in afternoon for a half hour, and interspersed throughout the day or in evening I might read Laurency (which I've already read entirely three times over), Blavatsky, or Sinnett writings. I've been at this steading reading for nine years now and still pretty amazed how deep all these lessons are contained in the mainline theosophy publishings.

Oct 09, 2021
by: Anonymous

I am grateful to be in contact with others who may have pertinent things to share concerning Laurency's writings as translatedˀ, published and maintained by Adelskogh. Although I did buy one of Bailey's books in the early 1970's, I read little more than paragraphs or heading here and there, as I was gathering a broad base of explanations, to explain existence, in other places. Naturally this path took many detours, but it did orient me in the current state of mankind and in the prevailing sciences and beliefs. I was grateful to correlate many kinds of understandings, which helped me understand Laurency's expediency in describing mankind's difficult situation. I needed to immediately recognize the references he makes to everything human in contrast to the succeeding steps of evolution.

My ears perked up to hear more about "hierarchical centennial conclave of 2025", (in your original post), as Laurency's many references to A.A.B and Theosophy are my only readings thereof. While "hierarchical centennial conclave of 2025" is not found in Laurency or Adelskogh texts, the year 2025 is clearly indicated.

Computerized word and phrase searching finds several mentions of the year 2025 in the Laurency writings:
KL2_9.pdfKL2_9.pdf: GOVERNMENT.pdf;
L3e14.pdf: The Seven Departments.

Laurency indicates good influences coming to bear on human affairs, and thanks to "the aid of people having etheric vision" who will force scientists to objectively see "matter of the physical world" and "the energies that have made it possible and still make it possible for organisms to exist". (Word search '2025' in WOM). The year 2025 is given as sort of an ultimatum, or final year for these proofs and if so, the end of past ignorance of life energies. no?

Oct 02, 2021
Hello Tom
by: Jerry

Thank for your query and comment. They are much appreciated. The story of how I found the works of Laurency is straightforward but might or might not reflect developmental progress and/or guidance, depending on where emphasis is placed.
Here’s what happened: In mid-2017, I came to a recognition that I had not done enough to "build the antahkarana," which was a process I had studied starting in the mid-1990s, and periodically after that. So, in 2017, I set out to develop a study guide for building the Antahkarana by assembling a compilation of Bailey’s writings on the subject. I did that through an internet search. One of the documents I obtained was the segment of Rays and Initiations entitled "science of the Antahkarana, consisting in pgs 441-530 of R&I. I studied that segment rather intensively for about six months until early 2018.
By that time, I was able to utilize the six-step process set out in that segment with the impression that progress was being made, though I was aware then, as I am now, that no developmental claims could or should be made. Just leave all such speculation alone was my attitude about claims of progress. One thing I noticed was that the segment-pgs441-530-that I was using as study guide was from the Bailey book, R&I, but was not sourced to the Arcane School website. So, I searched for the site that had reproduced "science of the Antahkarana," the pg441-530 segment. The actual source of the document was a Laurency related website and that is how I found Laurency.
One final note. I recall a brief conversation from an Arcane School conference in the early 1990s where someone mentioned that good, esoteric work was being done in Sweden, that I should look into. That hint turned out to be insufficient for me at that time, as I did not find Laurency until 2018.

All good blessings

Sep 30, 2021
Reply to Jerry
by: Tom Cribbs

Hi Jerry, do you have a story on how you came across Laurency writings after four decades of esoteric study in other traditions? Thanks.

I ran across Laurency being mentioned in Lee Bladon's website in October of 2012, buried in the back of his "About" webpage. But for a few weeks I was getting strong impressions, from what I now believe was my Augoeides, to look up "esoterics" on the internet many places. So the keyword worked pretty well I guess, as upon finding Laurency it all made sense immediately like an old memory. Daily reader ever since!


Sep 30, 2021
Hello Bo
by: Jerry

Your comment on study of the writings of HTL are much appreciated. I engage in review of the works of Laurency on a regular basis, nearly everyday for about an hour or so, but not more than that. I find it easier to maintain both a sense of wonder and a strong commitment to study if I proceed relatively slowly, a little at a time, but steadily.

Your observation on the many Theosophical splinter groups can be responded to in a variety of ways. The way I want to approach it is by keeping in mind a long thought on unity and to attempt to be aware of my own tendency towards critical assessment of theosophy, rather than recognition of the contribution to humanity’s understanding of esotericism brought on by the publication of esoteric writings in the 1900s, starting, actually, in 1875.

Page 281 of 372 of the online version of the Alice A Bailey book, "The Externalisation of the Hierarchy", makes reference to the 2025 ‘great General Assembly of the Hierarchy’ and is mentioned here as a source informing my original comment. You are correct in observing that groups, splinter and otherwise, are calling attention to this 2025 conclave. My observation centers on thinking about ways to cooperate in that group endeavor, now that we are approaching the time of the event.

I want also to be clear that while I respect and admire the work of AAB, I much prefer the Laurency presentation of esotericism.

Thank you again for for comment. It is much appreciated for its addition to this dialogue.

Sep 25, 2021
RE: "Esoteric teachers in the digital domain"
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm glad to meet persons interested in discussing Laurency's writings and teachings, and especially if there is something new to learn which is related to Laurency's writings!

I wonder if Laurency's warnings of the many confusing Theosophical splinter groups stemming from the 1900s, are related to currently existing groups and their activities.

Your mention of the "hierarchical centennial conclave of 2025" raises the question of its relevance to Laurency's writings, and also, why might a regular reader of Laurency be interested in "the conclave of 2025"?

I thank you for your consideration of this question,


RE: "Esoteric teachers in the digital domain" post...
Excerpt: "group discussion of group preparation for assisting in hierarchical centennial conclave of 2025".

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