Esoteric teachers in the digital domain

by Jerry
(West Haven CT USA)

I have four decades of esoteric study, now including more than three years of study of Pythagorean hylozoics, HTL writings, other writings and Fourth Way practices, plus communication for a time with a person in Sweden and a person designated by the one in Sweden as well. I have experienced having “a teacher” on several prior occasions, but I do not have a specifically designated teacher at present. I do not have students, either. Instead, I remain open to the possibility of teaching others, while keeping silent for the most part and not spreading esoteric information where it would be counterproductive to do so. When in doubt, I’ve learned it is best to err on side of maintaining silence.

Issues of interest:
-progress via a teacher in this incarnation related to “building antahkarana”
-group discussion of group preparation for assisting in hierarchical centennial conclave of 2025

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