Cosmic Worlds

by Anissa

Where can I find a more in depth explanation of the different "worlds" that Laurency describes?

The question "In what resepects to the 49 cosmic world differ from each other?"

From highest
43-49 to lowest

The differences would be dimension, duration, material composition, motion and consciousness; the "lowest" world is the physical world and contains all 48 "higher" worlds.

If the lowest world 49 is the physical world (bhu), and there is a potential progression to the higher worlds, 48-43 (emotional, causal-mental, essential, superessential, submanifestal, manifestal), what is the force guiding that progession? Is this dynamis?

Also, HTL states that world 49:5-7 is the world visible to man. Does this include the phenomena that is visible to our technology but not to our human senses? Are the worlds 49:2-4 "visible" to us in any capacity?
Is the causal world observable?

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Feb 06, 2021
by: Alex

Hi! I just bought an incredible book called "The Science of Spirituality" from Lee Bladon. You will find everything you need in this book, incl. Laurency. Cheers, Alex

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