Conscious Expressions and Telepathy

by Fr. E.S.Q.S.


What follows is a short article concerning a most fascinating technical subject: conscious expressions and telepathy.

The Fundamental Basis of Telepathy

Undoubtedly, there are people reading this short article, shaking their heads in disagreement. Perhaps they sit there, thinking to themselves, “Telepathy is such hogwash – how can Fr. E.S.Q.S. even bother treating of such nonsense?” Some people are probably convinced by the refutations of “skeptical” scientists (I say skeptical in quotation marks here to indicate that they are not truly skeptical; rather, they are cynical); however, if we study Esoterics long enough, we begin to see that telepathy is not just a possibility of the Esoteric world view but a necessity of the Esoteric world view.

Undoubtedly, part of the problem with accepting the necessity of telepathy is the fact that telepathy has been made into something so incredibly ridiculous by overly imaginative peoples. Science-fiction, imagination, has decided what telepathy ought to look like and how it ought to operate. It has been turned into a “magical”, “mystical”, wonderful super power and, so, has been relegated to the realm of fairy tales. The “skeptical” scientists, actually cynics, have made very good use of this. They have, if you will, “disproven” this construction of imagination called telepathy and this appears very convincing to unthinking peoples. Real telepathy, however, is not so easily disproven. Real telepathy is not so easily disregarded.

The fundamental basis of telepathy – real telepathy – is the unity of consciousness. By virtue of the fact that there is a unity of consciousness, there must necessarily be (real) telepathy. The unity of consciousness is a fundamental Esoteric tenet; as such, telepathy is a necessity of the Esoteric world view. It is an unavoidable conclusion.

Telepathy is a Natural Thing

As such, (real) telepathy is a natural thing. It is not a “magical”, “mystical”, wonderful super power. It is the natural consequence of the unity of consciousness. People doubt it, not so much because they have never experienced it, but because they are looking for something else: the imaginative construction called telepathy, the product of science-fiction. When people have finally stopped looking for this fantastical super power, they will finally discover real telepathy.

Telepathy is a natural thing. We are, all of us, telepathic – more so than we know. There is a nearly constant flow and exchange of thoughts and feelings occurring every second of the day. It is so natural, that we do not even notice. It doesn’t seem stupendous; it doesn’t seem “magical”, “mystical”, and/or wonderful. We just take it all for granted. In the case of physicalists, they believe there is no such thing while being affected, nonetheless; in the case of students of Esoterics, they know full well that this exchange is happening – at least theoretically, to begin with. With increasing sensitivity will come increasing awareness of this telepathic exchange.

Conscious Expressions

What is it, precisely, that is being exchanged? Yes, yes – “thoughts and feelings”; however, there must be more to it than that. This – “thoughts and feelings” - is not a very satisfying answer to those of us who plumb the depths of esoteric knowledge, students of Esoterics. To really grasp the matter of telepathy, we need to grasp the matter of conscious expressions: how it all works – at least to some degree.

Conscious activity, whether directed by the monad (i.e.: the “self”) or by the envelope conciousnesses (i.e.: the “not-self”), is called conscious expression. As such, thinking and feeling can be the product of the monad; it’s own self-directed activity from within – or it can be the product of the envelope consciousnesses, unconscious (in terms of the monad, the “self”) mechanical activity from without. It is always one or the other: if the monad will not take control, then the envelope consciousnesses will take control. In either case, there is conscious expression; there are thoughts and feelings, and these have certain definite effects.

The first of these definite effects is the producing of an involutionary elemental of the appropriate type (i.e.: thoughts produce a mental involutionary elemental in mental matter, whereas feelings produce an emotional involutionary elemental in emotional matter), what has often been called a “thought-form” in older esoteric literature. Generally speaking, these involutionary elementals are very short-lived, existing for a matter of seconds before dissolving; however, depending on the power of the conscious expression(s) that formed them, they can exist for considerably longer periods of time; likewise, their existence can be deliberately prolonged.

The second of these definite effects is the undulations of matter of the appropriate type (i.e.: thoughts cause an undulation of mental matter, whereas feelings cause an undulation of emotional matter) in the local atmosphere. These undulations work somewhat like radio-waves, communicating the gist of the conscious expression to the world. The involutionary elemental, the “thought-form”, is a more specific vibrational product; the thought and/or feeling as a thing, with temporary consciousness and energy. It is far more precise (in terms of its conscious content), but – generally speaking – short-lived. Mostly, the involutionary elementals, the “thought-forms”, do not leave the (psychic) atmosphere of the one who made them. They serve to help (if they are good, benefical expressions) or hinder (if they are evil, harmful expressions) the man who has made them.

As such, the people – minerals, plants, and animals as well - around us are affected by what we think and feel. We are, all of us, broadcasting like many radio towers, beneficial or harmful thoughts and feelings. We are, all us, either helping or hindering our fellow man – our fellow beings - by virtue of our thoughts and feelings, alone. We are helpful when we are deliberately thinking and feeling (or deliberately not thinking and feeling); practicing clear thinking and noble feeling. We are hindering when we are not deliberately thinking and feeling; when we are reacting, blindly and mechanically (for many mechanical expressions are the lowest possible conscious expressions – hate, envy, greed, etc.,). As such, control of consciousness is of paramount importance to students of Esoterics, students of Pythagorean Hylozoics a la HTL and LA, and aspirants.

Control of Consciousness

Probably now most people reading this can see the very great necessity there is in learning control of consciousness. Control of consciousness is not just a fun little esoteric exercise you can choose to engage in, whenever it suits you; rather, it is real, hard (and necessary) work. In a certain sense, it is – the – work: the growth and development of consciousness. The consciousnesses there are in our envelopes are out of control. They are, largely, untamed and wild. It is our job, as human evolutionary monads, as the “God” of our little system (our “little cosmos”, so to speak), to straighten them out. We do this in two ways:

1. We develop our powers of concentration and meditation
2. We develop self-consciousness

In the first case, we develop our powers of concentration and meditation. I will not go into much detail here at this particular juncture, save to say that what this means is that we develop our powers to deliberately think and feel; also, the power to deliberately not think and feel.

In the second case, we develop self-consciousness. When we are self-conscious, when we are aware of ourselves as the human evolutionary monad (the “self” within the envelopes), for however short a time, then we are no longer identified with the envelopes and their consciousnesses. Our control of the envelopes is more effective when we can see that we are not the envelopes, when we are not identified with the envelopes and their consciousnesses. As such, moments of self-consciousness are also moments of self-control: moments of self-consciousness are moments when the “God” (i.e.: the human evolutionary monad, the “self”) is reigning in his little system. What does this all mean? It means that we must strive to become causally conscious, for causal consciousness (at least 47:3) is the lowest form of consciousness that is also self-conscious. The “royal seat” of the human evolutionary monad, the “self”, is in the causal envelope. From that envelope, from that consciousness – self-consciousness – the human evolutionary monad can rule its little system, as indeed it should.

A Wonderful Opportunity

All things considered, telepathy presents a wonderful opportunity: the ability to serve our fellow man – our fellow beings – even by our thinking and feeling. Our meditations on essential qualities, our reflections on esoteric knowledge, and our analysis of daily events (to name just a few things) is benefitting, helping, and uplifting everyone. It is not merely for us. It is not merely benefitting us, but everyone – and everything - in proximity, as well. All the more reason to exercise a control of consciousness: to acquire powers of concentration and meditation, to live as consciously and as deliberately as possible. By virtue of the fact that we exist, that we think and feel, we are affecting the world around us. We cannot help but share in the unity of consciousness. Influence, in this regard, is just a matter of course. So let us be a good influence: let us be a beneficial, helpful, and uplifting sort of influence. Let us pay more attention to the things we are “broadcasting” and make an effort to “change the tune”.

Thanks for your time,


Fr. E.S.Q.S.

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