Concerning the Super-physical

by Fr. E.S.Q.S.


What follows is a short article concerning the super-physical. In it, I will venture to explain just how the notion of the super-physical is entirely acceptable to the scientific community despite the denial of physicalist skeptics.

Defining our Terms

Before beginning, it is always a good idea to define our terms - not least of all when the terms will need a new content, or mean something different from what they currently mean. We will proceed systematically:

Materialism: the doctrine that everything is material, that everything is matter.

Physicalism: The doctrine that the only material reality is the physical material reality.

Physicalists: those who prescribe to the notion of physicalism; that there is only a physical material reality, that there can be no such thing as super-physical material reality.

Physical material reality: material reality composed of physical matter.
Super-physical material reality: material reality composed of super-physical matter. Super-physical matter is merely a category representing all types and kinds of matter that are above - or, rather, more refined than - physical matter.

Current Scientific Model of States of Aggregation

The current scientific model of states of aggregation includes the following three states: solids, liquids, and gases. A fourth state is being postulated - plasmas; however, this notion is still largely in its infancy. Thus, altogether, we now have four states of aggregation: solids, liquids, gases, and “plasmas”. It is, perhaps, interesting to note that, previously, there were only three recognized states of aggregation. We can see that, as scientific and intellectual discovery progresses, our understanding of matter - its various states and compositions - is expanding. Only a decade ago or so, a scientist would have been deemed mad for even suggesting that there was a fourth state of aggregation. Such is as it was and such is as it always will be with science: new discoveries, it seems, always have to wage an uphill battle with the old cherished notions. It takes time to convince the idiotic blockheads who people all manner of scientific councils that their old cherished notions need to be reviewed once more.

Why Just Four?

For the longest time now, scientists had declared that there were only three states of aggregation: solids, liquids, and gases. Anyone who even dared to postulate a fourth was deemed to be a looney and a quack, unworthy of attention. Now, finally, a fourth state of aggregation is being accepted: “plasmas” - but why stop there? Isn’t it entirely possible, then, that there are more states of aggregation? Why not five, six, or even seven such states?

Elements of the Ancients

It is rather comical, actually, that it has taken scientists just so long to discover what had always been taught in esoteric schools - that there are more states of aggregation than just solids, liquids, and gases; the most obvious ones. Solids, liquids, and gases are obvious enough because we can objectively perceive them; however, higher states of aggregation (those beyond the gaseous states) are not yet objectively perceptible to most peoples. Regardless of that fact, the esoteric schools had mentioned them first - well before scientists even considered the possibility of even a fourth state of aggregation. The problem is that these scientists and intellectuals were unaware of what these “idiot philosophers” were on about when they talked about things like earth, water, air, and fire. These scientists and intellectuals guffawed at what they thought was sheer stupidity. Actually, the joke is on them when finally it is shown that these “idiot philosophers” had known more than them all along. “Earth” had meant the solid state of aggregation, “Water” had meant the liquid state of aggregation, “Air” had meant the gaseous state of aggregation, and “Fire” has meant the “plasmic” state of aggregation. Besides this, they also mentioned a fifth state of aggregation - which science isn’t even close to discovering at this particular juncture.

Physical Material Reality

All of the various states of aggregation that we have so far been considering are entirely physical. Thus, it would be more correct to say that the four states of physical aggregation are: the solid physical state, the liquid physical state, the gaseous physical state, and the “plasmic” physical state. Perhaps this seems unnecessarily specific to many people; however, it only appears unnecessary to them in that they mix up the concepts of, “Physical” and, “Material” - they assume that they are one and the same thing, that they are synonymous. For physicalists, everything is physical and, so, declaring a state to be a physical state seems superfluous to them.

Super-physical Material Reality

The ancients, perhaps unsurprisingly, went well beyond just the five, six, or seven states of physical aggregation. They knew that, beyond the seven states of physical aggregation, there was another type and kind of matter, a whole other series of states of aggregation; a non-physical matter, a super-physical matter. Both of these types and kinds of matter have seven states of aggregation. Likewise, there are many more types and kinds of (super-physical) matter beyond even these, all with seven states of aggregation as well.

Where is the Proof?

Of course, to scientists it will all seem just so ridiculous. It seems that, in many cases, they would prefer only four states of physical aggregation than to have to consider even the remote possibility that they were nowhere near being finished with their studies of material composition. They would rather pretend to “know it all” already rather than continue studying - the history of science has shown as much, in any case; however, a true scientist and intellectual ought to wonder: what if it’s true? What if there really is more? If anything, they should be able to see by now that the ancients were not such “idiots” as they had supposed, that the esoteric schools were far more advanced - scientifically, even - than historians and antiquarians had supposed. Thus, the question is asked: where is the proof? How did the ancients come to this knowledge? It seems a rather stupendous sort of thing to assume that a couple of human beings could have constructed such a world view by mere speculation alone - after all, what reason would they have for postulating x many matters and x many states of aggregation? It is not as if they were able to study all such matters and states of aggregation - that would be a preposterous claim, indeed.

In the first case, esoterics - super-physical knowledge, actually - is not the province of human beings; rather, it is the province of super-human beings. Thus, esoterics is given to human beings. As such, the most of it cannot be ascertained immediately, seeing as human beings do not yet have the proper “equipment” to do so. By, “Equipment” I do not mean to say “the proper (physical) technological tools”; rather, I mean to say “the proper organs of perception”; organs of apprehension and expression. The tools that we need are at hand, already - we just need to work on them. They are the tools that nature has provided us with - and they are superior to any “(physical) technological tool” human beings can create. Esoteric systems start from the top and work their way down, start from generals and work their way down to specifics; from principles to details, whereas human beings - being ignorant of the top - must, necessarily proceed in their ignorance from the bottom up. Thus, the way of human beings without esoterics is the way of “trial and error”; the path of discarded mistakes. It is a long and arduous path - but it is not the only path. Esoterics has always been available for the unremitting seeker after the truth, those whose reason cannot be satisfied with a merely “good enough” hypothesis. These super-human beings who gave human beings esoterics, then, have been able to ascertain the super-physical facts found in esoterics; likewise, in due course of time, human beings will also be able to ascertain the super-physical facts found in esoterics. In the meantime, esoterics is accepted as a working hypothesis - one which is incomparably better than the altogether naïve hypotheses of science, the incorrigible idiocy of theology, and the mind-numbing confusion of philosophy.

In the second case, some human beings have acquired faculties that have allowed them to ascertain a few super-physical facts already. Thus, the existence of entirely different material worlds (at least one or two, anyways) is definitively proven to them. As such, the ancients had esoterics given to them; also, some had acquired faculties allowing them to ascertain a few super-physical facts.

Other proofs include: the logical proof of the theory, the explanatory power of the theory (which is considerable, when you really think about it i.e.: super-physical material reality provides an explanation for countless inexplicable phenomenon), and the predictive power of the theory.

The Point

The point here isn’t so much to say, “Scientists, believe!” rather, the point is to bring up the question: what if…? What if there is more than four states of physical aggregation? What if there are super-physical matters? Is it really so ridiculous a notion? Consider esoterics. Outright denial has got to end. Outright denial is killing scientific and intellectual discovery. We ought not to deny something just because it “doesn’t fit our current model”; rather, the fact that it “doesn’t fit” ought to impel us to consider it all the more carefully, as it may indicate a flaw - or even a new direction. The existence of super-physical material reality is really just a logical continuation of the current scientific model of states of aggregation.

Thanks for your time,


Fr. E.S.Q.S.

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Sep 12, 2016
A clear, concise and complete discussion of the super physical
by: (JR)

If you have not completely understood the super physical in the past you will after reading this very fine article! It presents a simplified way to understand the complexities of the super physical world and the unwillingness of science to venture beyond its materialistic worldview.

Thanks Fr. E.S.Q.S.for your highly valued and continuing contributions.


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