Arcane School, still connected to the Hierarchy?

I am a student with the School currently. Wanted to get perspectives on whether the School is still connected to the Hierarchy and whether it is a good path to progress with esoteric studies.

Thank you

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Sep 23, 2018
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate your time. I guess we all have to try and figure things out for ourselves. Wish you all the best in the way forward.

Dec 05, 2017
by: Anonymous

No it is not.I have been at AS a very long time. If it were, as a school, all members should be aware of it, shouldn't they? And the school should offer something new from The Hierarchy. But No, the same "Blue Books" and the mystical "Old Commentary". DK said strictly that he or any other adept has nothing to do with the school - it is all AAB´s project (1923). Disciples have lots of own projects all around and in every possible field. Many are purely "exoteric" (one cannot find the word "esoteric" anywhere). Disciples are also alone responsible of them.
Some weeks ago Lars Adelskogh said in a telephone conversation: "What´s the point being in AS? You have to master the basics first. Mastering hylozoics takes time...(more in the books). 'And Hylo is the New Method of the Great souls. And more and more material will emerge. Even now, the WofM is enough for accepted discipleship and far beyond.
AS provides hard discipline and work. Desperation. Misinterpretation. Why study things that only initiates can understand?? You can look at the "results": speculations, obscurity. Baileyans are believers. AAB their half-god.

Nov 19, 2017
Arcane School
by: Z.

Definitely not. The school itself as alice Bailey´s project. They stick to age-old theosophical terms, old facts, which are not facts. Don´t know anything of how to build the Antahkarana nowadays etc.
Of course some members might be little chelas...
Old literature. GIVE BREATHING EXERCISES WITHOUT A TEACHER, which is irresponsible. Members study only old AAB.

Nov 09, 2017
Straight facts from LA and by me
by: Z.

No. Read DK´s writings. It was totally AAB´s project. Hierarchy has no use for sects. They need workers. The old same thing: The TS was cut off in 1895.
All these are experiments by the Great Ones. But a disciple does the work and it goes as it goes. "Masters" do not interfere.
Nobody gets nothing from AS if the basics =hylozoics is not mastered. I know only 1 student of AAB who has checked "HTL". Sad, sad, sad. But as Lars said today to me, they are good as they leave esotericists alone. All is pseudo. I know the AS from inside.

Aug 14, 2017
RE: Arcane School
by: Fr. E.S.Q.S.

I will try my very best to keep this concise.

1. Is the Arcane School still connected with the Hierarchy? Honestly, I cannot say for certain; however, I tend to assume – given things that HTL and LA have said - that there are no schools connected with the Hierarchy at this particular juncture. If there are any such schools, then they are very well hidden. By virtue of the fact that everyone knows about the Arcane School, I’d be inclined to say that it’s probably not connected with the Hierarchy anymore. Once something like the Arcane School becomes (relatively) popular, the quality always declines drastically.

2. Is it a good path – or, rather – does it offer a good path to progress with esoteric studies? Honestly, I cannot say for certain, seeing as I am not a member of the Arcane School and, so, I am not privy to (all of) their teaching. I know that they make considerable use of the works of AAB/DK and that these works are chock full of esoteric knowledge; however, they are also quite peculiar, being an admixture of AAB’s Christian background and DK’s Orientalist approach to teaching. As such, they are not easy reads. They are not meant for everyone. They were never meant to be so popular. I suspect (and this is an assumption, mind you) that a great many people working with the Arcane School hardly understand the works in question. Of course, that doesn’t stop people from deluding themselves into believing that they understand. As such, is it a good path? Hard to say for certain without more information. What I can say is this: I never joined the Arcane School, despite knowing of it. I never joined the Arcane School because:

a. AAB/DK’s works are already widely available and I can study them on my own; likewise, I can also study the works of HPB, CWL, AWB, and AEP

b. Pythagorean Hylozoics a la HTL and LA is probably a better place to begin, seeing as the presentation is clear, methodical, and full of straight facts sans the symbolism

c. I am not a fan of what I perceive to be the Arcane School’s "New-Agey" sentimentality – it’s just not for me

As much as I’d like to participate in an Esoteric school, I suspect that the Arcane School is no such thing (anymore). As such, I am waiting for more modern Hylozoic Esoterics schools – or, rather – I am training to participate in such ones.

These are my thoughts, for what they are worth. At the end of the day, the choice of path is ultimately your own. No one can tell you which way will be the right way (for you), because we just do not know all ways. Everyone has to make their own way forward. Everyone is unique in their needs. Everyone is unique in their preferences. What do you think? What are you looking for?

Thanks for your time,


Fr. E.S.Q.S.

Aug 12, 2017
RE: Arcane School
by: JR @ Esoteric Law

In the absence of more definitive information regarding perspectives on "whether the Arcane School is still connected to the Hierarchy and whether it is a good path to progress with esoteric studies", I am providing the following (but limited) information in hopes it will be helpful to you.

According to Laurency, "8No occult societies except the original Theosophical Society (founded by Blavatsky in 1875), Arcane School (founded by Alice A. Bailey in 1923), and the Temple of the People (founded in 1898 on the initiative of 45-self H.) have issued from the planetary hierarchy or have had any connection whatsoever with its members, whatever founders of other societies believe and assert."

(From the Emotional Being of the First Self by Henry T. Laurency. The essay is the fifth section of the book The Way of Man byHenry T. Laurency)

In addition (in this same essay) Laurency further states, ""There are reasons to assume that nowadays no society is in direct contact with the hierarchy but that those who once were go on by the impulse they originally received."

While I would like to provide you with additional information regarding future esoteric study, more information regarding your esoteric history would be necessary in order to do so.

I am also hopeful that other members of our forum will soon be in contact with you to provide further support and/or suggestions as it is not the policy of Esoteric Law members to participate in our readers form.

Kind regards,
JR@Esoteric Law

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