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by Bo Atkinson
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Q: "Where can I find a more in depth explanation of the different "worlds" that Laurency describes?"

A: In relation to which depths found at & ?

Q: "In what resepects to the 49 cosmic world differ from each other?"
A: Those given hylozoic texts branch out these answers, in part to sprout out all the detail, whereas,

A: Indeed a conventional, detailed charting out of the hylozoic material has seemed possibly helpful, yet the work of assimilating all the details from the websites we have available, involves cyclic readings to sort out all the branching, the foliage and fruition besides. Would it fit on linear 2d displays or 3d? What dimensions fulfill, or present the triads beyond?

Q: ...what is the force guiding that progession?

A: Could we discover that from each envelope and triad level? To ascertain the matter, motion and conscious existing at each level?

Q: Is this dynamis?

A: Relevant to a "force guiding", we might refer to "points of force ... primordial atoms" RE: THE WAY OF MAN by Henry T. Laurency "INTRODUCTION: ON THE HYLOZOIC WORLD VIEW 1.24 The Cosmos 1 Undifferentiated primordial matter is unlimited space. In this primordial matter its omnipotent primordial force, dynamis, generates “points of force”, objectivations of dynamis. These points of force are the so-called primordial atoms. Primordial matter contains the inexhaustible store of primordial atoms. Another name of primordial atoms is “monads”."

Q: Also, HTL states that world 49:5-7 is the world visible to man. Does this include the phenomena that is visible to our technology but not to our human senses?

A: It could be said that almost all humans lack the microscopically detailed senses as seen by microscope, but some gifted humans described their their views, even of the atomic scale; therefore the answer is found case by case and not to declare that all humans see everything equally and identically. From 1 THE WAY OF MAN by Henry T. Laurency, "In each world man has during incarnation an envelope of the respective matter: 49:5-7 the “visible” physical world the organism 49:2-4 the physical etheric world the etheric envelope of the organism" ...

Q: Are the worlds 49:2-4 "visible" to us in any capacity?
A: We may develop that and for a start by serious learning through mentality in particular, which more safely guides us, because typically humans have been lost in the emotional world which has saturated us, until we begin the work. Your question is answered for particular characteristics through individual contexts, all worth reading through.

Q: Is the causal world observable?
A: Yes, we might say it is on a gradient of learning. From 1 THE WAY OF MAN by Henry T. Laurency: "The world of Platonic ideas (the causal world), which extremely few have as yet attained, affords us knowledge of the worlds of man. The globe- memories of higher worlds afford knowledge also of these. Until the individual has reached the worlds of higher kingdoms, however, he must resort to what messengers from those higher kingdoms communicate."

To be fair, I repeatedly check out my assumptions and musings, until that world of ideas just pops up on a given topic. Was the pop-up the right one? We are given the internet today with the capability look up words and ideas very easily; especially pertaining to the right source for an answer. We then reap what we sow.


3 The monad has gross physical consciousness (49:5-7) from the mineral kingdom on, etheric physical consciousness (49:2-4) from the vegetable kingdom on, and emotional consciousness (48) from the animal kingdom on. This also means that the monads of the various kingdoms have the corresponding material envelopes. The mineral monad has an inorganic physical envelope. The vegetable monad has besides its organism also an etheric envelope, and the animal monad has in addition an emotional envelope. These are the individual envelopes of the mineral, vegetable, and animal monads. In addition, these monads have, collectively and within their species, access to higher envelopes, which make higher consciousness than the individual one possible. Man’s unique envelope is the causal envelope (47:1-3)


Besides ...

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